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Unlike Sony and Nintendo, Microsofts Wants More than the Gamers

Tribune writes: "It’s 2011 and by now all three major console manufacturers have released their hard-ware with their peripherals. The Wii with it’s remote controller, the Playstation with it’s move and of course Microsoft with their Kinect. While all three now have their gimmicky additions, Microsoft is looking to expand it’s non-controller technology the Kinect to the businesses. How you wonder?" (Kinect, Xbox 360)

ThatGuyInTheHat  +   1488d ago
Sounds like Microsoft..always wanting to be ahead of the competition.
Ziriux  +   1488d ago
You have to offer more than just gaming on a console these days. This is why the long term life and software for the Nintendo will not make it a prime consoles a year or so from now.
egidem  +   1488d ago
Precisely, and Microsoft is a prime example of your statement. They started out with a main focus on games and gaming. Then they started broadening their horizons into other ventures such as TV shows, movie rentals etc.

Now with the integration of Kinect + Big on Xbox 360, I say they can do more stuff now.
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darthv72  +   1488d ago
That isnt the point of egidem's statement. In fact it usually isnt about who does it first its about who can sell it best. So far MS has turned their foray into the video games business into a fully vested interest into entertainment.

Does anybody care that it was AMD that hit the magic 1000MHz mark before Intel? Not really as we have long since moved on. So as you say it was sony that did this first or that is a moot point. Entertainment has evolved beyond that time and we are starting to see what the future holds.
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Wh15ky  +   1488d ago
@egidem and darth72

The article is about Microsoft releasing a commercial version of kinect, what are you guys on about?

It doesn't sound too dissimilar to sonys move.me, so I really don't know what the articles title is all about either???
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mcstorm  +   1488d ago

You need to look back at console history before caliming sony offered more on there consoles 1st before anyone else the amiga32 cdo would play music amd video cds and were out before the ps1. Yes the ps2 offered cd and dvd playback but the xbox offered playing mp3 files of your own in your game as well as online gaming before the ps2 did. But the point is sony did not do everything we see today no company has its all a mix of each other and a few of there own ideas.

But the xbox was cerated by ms to be the device bill gates talked about for years. This was a device that woud play games videos music as well as be linked to the internet and friends. With the new xbox dash offering full voice control and bing it also brings the console closer to bill gates dream too.
smurfz  +   1488d ago
Until Apple eventually releases a gaming system.
morganfell  +   1488d ago
I have to discount this article immediately. Sony made as the centerpiece of their console a hardware item that wasn't about gaming but about a different entertainment genre - movies. The PS3 was used to market (successfully) a new disc format aimed at movie fans. Yes it has gaming advantages, but the focus was a new MOVIE format.

Sony committed their new game console to assist in this venture. It isn't possible to deny this move went after non-gamers.
lorianguy  +   1488d ago
They did once..but it failed... they dominate mobile gaming though. At least until the Vita :P
egidem  +   1488d ago
Nobody wants an Apple game console. Heck, Apple is arrogant enough to think that their iPhones, iPads and iPods are more than capable of playing in the big leagues now.
gamingdroid  +   1488d ago
***I have to discount this article immediately. ***

What about the article are you discounting?

***Sony made as the centerpiece of their console a hardware item that wasn't about gaming but about a different entertainment genre - movies.***

Well, Sony made who knows what initially! I don't think Sony even knew as they touted it as not a gaming console, but some kind of supercomputer with multiple HDMI outputs that you would work extra to afford. Just ask Ken Kutaragi!

Sony was definitely successful in driving Blu-Ray into the market via PS3 and then later with a huge bag money to buy over the movie studios.

However, as it stands PS3 is definitely marketed as a gaming console and less of an all in one entertainment device, despite it's broader capability.
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Godmars290  +   1488d ago

Sony started with the PS2 and its DVD drive. Had it playing movies right out the box where MS introduced a kit after people figured out how to hack it.

They've also been talking about media centers since then as well.

Honestly, between BR and the browser while MS couldn't wait to install HD-DVD yet made an add-on, needed five years to implement system applications, you really think that its MS who have been leading the MM charge all this time?

For all the $1-5 game sales apple has managed to generate they certainly think they can compete with $60 title [/sarcasm]
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nondecaf  +   1488d ago | Well said

Oh really!then what is this.

Related video
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darthv72  +   1488d ago
it should be pointed out...
sony's biggest success with adding in movie abilities was not with the ps3. It was the ps2. We all should know this. The bluray in the ps3 was a givin but it was not adopted at the same rate as DVD.

PS2 helped put DVD into many peoples homes that couldnt afford the more expensive stand alone units. The ps3 had somewhat of a stalled effect. It helped but stand alone units were cheaper. No discredit to the ps3 as it did help the cause but even sony knew they had a problem when it wasnt flying off the shelves at the same rate their highly successful PS2 did.

Now it's as if it isnt marketed as much for its bluray which is understandable because you can get basic players for real cheap. They do have the advantage in marketing of movies as there is no other console that can be proudly displayed as (Plays on your bluray and Playstation 3".
Wh15ky  +   1488d ago

I seem to remember sony marketing the ps3 in the early days as an all in one entertainment hub and more than just a gaming console. The adverts in those days seemed a bit disjointed and confusing IMO, but in hindsight I think they were just a bit ahead of themselves.

When I first bought the ps3 it was by no means an all in one entertainment device (although it was the most affordable blu ray player on the market, it came with a HDD as standard so I was able to upload music and it gave me the ability to search the internet on my tv), but since then we have seen some major additions here in the uk including: Home, Vidzone, psn movie store, bbc iplayer, itv.player, 4od and lovefilm. With the exception of Home I use all those services regularly.

"However, as it stands PS3 is definitely marketed as a gaming console and less of an all in one entertainment device, despite it's broader capability."

Here in the uk every lovefilm advert mentions the ps3.
showtimefolks  +   1488d ago
that's all well and good
but than don't complain when Xbox becomes more of a living room machine than a true gaming console. I mean seriously open your eyes MS is trying to turn all their ganmes into kinect games look at next Fable

next year is halo 4 and that's in fall what about rest of 11 months?

I have a dish/cable for TV
computer for browsing web and stuff
bluray/dvd for entertainment

I want my gaming console to provide games. In the USA people hold MS to different standards than Nintendo and sony just because MS is an american company

So if MS want to sell me a home entertainment system with xbox360 than that's all and good but make sure it gets a healthy dose of exclusive games, because wii-u and next ps will also have all the 3rd party content so each system has to do something different otherwise if next xbox will be about the same 3-4 exclusives and rest of the time its about multi-platform games than why not buy a ps4/wii-u for something different

invest some money and buy some small studios and let them work on some budget 39.99 games for xbox to get into the action

and i know many will disagree with me but all the money MS pay to activision for exclusive dlc could go towards making a complete exclusives game
gamingdroid  +   1488d ago
I like Kinect, but realize a lot of "hardcore" gamers don't, but there are plenty of games coming out for the Xbox 360.

That said, you don't have to look to far to see that Xbox 360 games are dominating the sales chart. Clearly there are games and people are buying it droves.

I have never once had issues finding games to play as there is a huge library out there. It's not like it's the first year of the console release here... We all remember that, don't we?

You were lucky to get a dusin of games, and usually only a few of them would be worth playing.

Either way, personally I really like all the extra services MS is providing. I really look forward to try out the new dash with LiveTV/DVR, beacon (let's people know what you want to play) and fully integrated Kinect dashboard.

However, if you don't like MS, it's easy to jump ship and the PS3 has never been better priced!

If you look at MS history, they traditionally only have a few major exclusives each year, with the one odd year in 2009 that they had quite a few. Otherwise, they just deliver a couple of AAA titles every year.
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guigsy  +   1488d ago
Well I use my 360 for other things as much as I do games, so I'm personally loving all these new entertainment partnerships they've made. I don't see how anyone can have a problem with broadening the functionality of any device.

Oh and unlike you, I don't care whether games are exclusive or not, they just need to be loads of fun.
_Aarix_  +   1488d ago
Microsoft is one developer or publisher...there are literately dozens of great game developers supporting our gaming needs on any and all platforms...kinect isn't mandatory. Just don't buy it and shut the hell up about it..easy.
papashango  +   1487d ago
All that money they are paying for dlc is probably making them more than exclusives.

The only ones to blame for lack of exclusives is the 360 gamers themselves. But do you think they really care?
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miyamoto  +   1487d ago
I remember Kudo Tsunoda's claim that Kinect was the first gaming device of its kind, and the smoke and mirrors presentation of Molyneux. ... grandstanding is MS big business. and even the Japaneze devs were made to believe that Milo was already possible with Project Natal. Where is that technology now? JoyRide?
SilentNegotiator  +   1487d ago
"Unlike Sony"? Is the author even aware of what features the ps3 launched with?
Particularly a 'blu' one?
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Cinotix  +   1488d ago
Yea, you know it's one of those situations where the technology is made different there is nothing a Move or Wii controller can do for a business besides let them play Just Dance 3 during break.

the Kinect has deeper non gaming capabilities.
smurfz  +   1488d ago
The Kinect was made more than just for games. The technology is bound to take things to a whole new level, i honestly see it going deeper within any other industry but the gaming.
Ziriux  +   1488d ago
Exactly how I feel about it too. Educational systems could do a lot with the device and make it a lot more fun to learn.
masteroftheclaw  +   1488d ago
I remember playing games like Oregon Trail and The Incredible Machine in school. I'm not sure how much they really "taught" me but they were definitely cool and everyone wanted to play them.

If there is some educational Kinect software developed (beyond like Sesame Street) then it would fit perfectly into schools!
iamnsuperman  +   1488d ago
Maybe fun but I remember playing some computer games for learning. These things never work. Its an unnecessary expense for schools to have when active learning can be done with proper teaching. Schools should worry less about the kinect and make sure teachers are up to scratch. I have had some bad teachers when I was at school. They just needed an up to date teacher training course which could be supplied/funded by the school instead of buying Kinects
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jeeves86  +   1488d ago
Haha @ educational games

I remember playing Word Rescue and Math Rescue in school, as well as Cross Country Canada. We'd tell the machine to eat-shit and it would come back with "You can't eat that!"

And that's what we learned.
masteroftheclaw  +   1488d ago
You know, a few months ago I saw a segment on my local news about a local business using the Kinect. It seemed that they worked at making their Kinect store program (it was some sort of digital dressing booth) without any pushing from Microsoft and even the people who tried it out in store thought it was pretty neat.

I guess they were just using the current SDK stuff but if they start pushing a new business version I'm sure some more people will jump on board. I'm curious though if people will really find the business uses of Kinect really worthwhile down the road or if it's just the novelty of it.
iamnsuperman  +   1488d ago
"The Kinect has been used across many hospitals and educational institutions" I am assuming these are private and so can afford it. Seems a bit unnecessary to have this introduced into the NHS where there are job cuts like every year.
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Optical_Matrix  +   1488d ago
So if Nintendo only want gamers, then what in gods name were the DS and Wii?
NYC_Gamer  +   1488d ago
kinect was built to enter all kind of areas that could produce profit not just gaming
Raider69   1488d ago | Trolling | show
SKUD  +   1488d ago
The real winners in this is the company that created / sold the motion control technology to MS. That's retirement cash. Respect.
kennyboy   1488d ago | Trolling | show
Ddouble  +   1488d ago | Well said
Good idea because Kinect hacks are more impressive than the games.
There's also Move.me on the Sony side.

Who is Move.me for?

Move.me is designed for academic researchers, university instructors, college students, programming hobbyists, and HCI developers. Show us how you can take the PS Move beyond traditional gaming and into areas such as:
Games and tools that support kids' physical fitness and nutrition.
Kid-friendly programming interfaces for computer/technology classes or individual learning.
Physical therapy and rehabilitation.
Sports physiology or fitness training.
Music and the creative arts.
Augmented reality, 3-D, and other leading-edge technologies.
Addressing physically-challenged or special education needs.

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r21  +   1488d ago
i'd like to see some move.me made stuff but cant find any.
whitesoxfalife1976  +   1488d ago
what is this? "2010" a yr later and yall still bad mouthing kinect, get over it. Everybody knows kinect was gonna evolve from gaming..
TyrannoTaurus  +   1487d ago
I've owned a Kinect since it launched last November. Having used it for awhile, I believe that it's true strengths lie outside of hands-free gaming. The fact is, it's only limitations for usage are computing power and imagination.
shinrock  +   1487d ago
movies to consoles=sony 1st
online gaming(done right)=M$
new high capacity disc format=sony 1st
1st to digital age=M$
Venjense  +   1487d ago
Didn't Nintendo already get the people who weren't previously gamers with Wii and DS? Like the elderly and more females? Yeah they did, I don't know anyone who owned PS2 or PS1/N64 who owns a Wii but I do know some girls that own Wii's and DS.

Nintendo expanded the market to non-gamers, hence this new emphasis on the casual market which MS is only now, trying to appeal to and much to the detriment of its existing user base.
KratosWitAGun  +   1487d ago
Pew pew pew pew pew pew!!
smashcrashbash  +   1487d ago
I don't think anyone is denying that Microsoft is doing this but its the 'unlike Sony' part that throws the whole article for a loop. The PS3 is made to play DVDs, Bluray, MP3s, has an internet browser, was built to support 3D, can steam movies, display photos and has a web cam that can record videos. Not to mention the several things the VITA can do that doesn't involve gaming.

So how did the writer of the article come to the conclusion, based on Kinect, that Microsoft is after non gamers as opposed to Sony? Sounds to me like they are after the same thing.@ esse7414 I think we are are all still waiting for Kinect to 'evolve' gaming. Only seen gimmicks, no evolution yet.

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