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Next MechWarrior game is coming on Summer 2012, exclusively to the PC

DSOGaming writes: "The highly anticipated return of MechWarrior is coming exclusively to the PC on Summer 2012. That is revealed on the game's final concept image that was given to the public via its Twitter page a few minutes ago." (MechWarrior, PC)

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ATi_Elite  +   1402d ago
PC Exclusive.....that's also Free 2 Play!

So don't screw it up as many Mechwarrior fans are ready for this and the competition is fierce with Hawken looking really good although different.

also another mech game is being made but i forgot the title.
TheoreticalParticle  +   1401d ago
It's called Hawken.


Hawken's more action based, MechWarrior's more strategic. I'm excited for both, but after seeing that they planned to rehash the plot for the latest MechWarrior (kid who has to reclaim throne after his father is killed by usurpers) with a plot that has been used in at least 3 different MechWarriors, I'm less excited for MW.
ATi_Elite  +   1401d ago
I have Hawken in my post.....there's another one besides Mechwarrior and Hawken......scours the Internet....

Solaris Assault Tech is the other game I'm talking about that's in Development.
TheoreticalParticle  +   1401d ago
My fault!

Battles on Solaris, huh? I gotta say that I'm not quite sparking to that. The "war" part of MechWarrior is always the part that really drew me in.
Letros  +   1401d ago
Oh man, this is gonna be great, F2P seems like a perfect model for MechWarrior.
NotSoSilentBob  +   1401d ago
How much do you want to bet that you will have to shell out $$$ to get anything worth while.
Letros  +   1401d ago
F2P done right(League) you don't have to pay anything.
dirthurts  +   1401d ago
Cell shaded?
That's interesting.
Saryk  +   1401d ago
F2P is nice, but they don't make games to be just free.
veChuy  +   1401d ago
Pc is the past and the future of Gaming Glad im a pc gamer.
Godmars290  +   1401d ago
Honestly can't believe how much division has been created between gamers this generation.
Letros  +   1401d ago
It's always been like this, ever since Playstation was going to kill PC gaming.
john2  +   1401d ago
true.dat. Why is it wrong for consoles and PCs to co-exist? The only downside of this co-exist is when a multiplatform game is developed primary for the least powerful system but that's something we should blame the developers for and not the systems
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Deadman_Senji  +   1401d ago
Oh great, I'm glad there's a new mechwarrior but this is just going to make PC fantards very...vocal, to put it as nicely as I can.

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