Kathy Vrabeck Answers 'Smarty Pants' Questions

Five months ago, Kathy Vrabeck, Activision's former president of publishing, crossed lines to run the new Electronic Arts label, EA Casual. The label, which operates and EA Mobile, while new, isn't just in the development phase. With EA Playground and Boogie, the label's first two games reached out to the different audiences on the Wii and the recent release of the family friendly trivia game, Smarty Pants, hopes to solidify its position at home through the holidays. GameDaily BIZ had a chance to chat with Vrabeck about the release of the game, her initiatives for the EA Casual group at large, potential product for next year's WiiFit and the possibility of creating Xbox Live Arcade games.

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Mighty Boom3888d ago

casual gamer is going to ruin everything for the hardcore gamer.