German hardware charts for October, 2007 . ps3 rises to the top. Wii registers major drop


PS3 - 37,000
Wii - 28,000
360 - 12,000


Wii - 389,000
360 - 328,000
PS3 - 172,000

August + September:

Wii - 97,000
PS3 - 72,500
360 - 47,000

All these figures were released by GFK

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PimpHandHappy3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Its good to see Europe not being duped my MS. They know its a faulty machine and with all the anit-consumer lawsuits that have been filed in Europe you can bet it will remain Sony land.



Rooftrenlen: You 4get the 360 had a 16month head start in Europe. So yea it is Sony land

PS3PCFTW3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

more anti xbot news. This is after all like poison to them.

wonderful. when will this war end?

edit: @1.2: thanks for proving my point. you guys love to post in ps3 section. y not go play some halo3......or is your box rrod?

honestly? no games to play....what is it? im stumped.

Rooftrellen3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Wii - 389,000
360 - 328,000
PS3 - 172,000

That's Sony land?

The Wii has sold over twice as much, and the 360 is still two years away from the PS3 at this rate.

I mean, I don't really care about Germany, but if Germany has turned from the land of chocolate to Sony, it has a lot of converting to do.

Edit: @1.3

But the Simpsons said Germany is where everything is made of chocolate...even the animals!

Baba19063921d ago

switzerland is a land of chocolate =P germany is more the land of cars or beer. =D

shmee3921d ago

in just 8 months ps3 has crossed 60% of x36's base in a range of 23 u even know that its over for x360 worldwide except NA.

by this XMAS ps3 would overtake the x360 in terms of LTD in EU. ps3 would do the same to wii next year by march, 2008



I agree that eventually PS3 will get over total sales of 360 on Europe, but not this xmas... Nor will it get over Wii by March... I mean, you know Wii are in shortage everywhere but Japan, right?

Rooftrellen3920d ago

Even if you think the PS3 will pass the 360 (and I would agree, it will), you're thinking far too short term.

Another $200 is going to have to drop from the price to really make it move consoles (even the Wii has not hit the mass market price yet). It also needs at least one or two of its big name games next year.

I think before holiday season '09, the PS3 will be ahead of the 360 in worldwide sales, though. This holiday will likely be close, and next holiday the PS3 will beat the 360 to get very close, I believe.

I wish the PS3 would pass the 360 this Christmas, but that's unrealistic.

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scrillakiller3921d ago

the beast is awoke.surly everyone knew this.its the name playstation.dont act shocked

TheExodus3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

It could just be me, but I think these sales figures posts are getting out of hand & aren't really news when you start fracturing continents for positive spin. We all know 360 & Wii are both outselling PS3 in NA, but what if PS3 happens to outsell 360 & Wii combined in North Dakota? Is that news worthy? I'm thinking not, but again, it could just be me.

dantesparda3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

"but what if PS3 happens to outsell 360 & Wii combined in North Dakota? Is that news worthy? I'm thinking not, but again, it could just be me."

LOL! Thats a good one, i like that! but actually i would like to know that, but that's just me. But what's interesting to me is to see how this ratio of 360 beating out the PS3 in NA to PS3 beating out the 360 in other countries is going to play out. Personally, i dont want either to win, but rather even out. Cuz it'll mmake both work harder

To tell you's the trust, (and Im sorry for this Sony fanboys [no insult intended]) I think the way it is now is possibly the best way it could be. Cuz MS in a attempt to beat Sony and stay ahead of Sony, is trying their best (or so I would think) to stay ahead, by giving us everything they think beats Sony or makes their system look better. Therefore giving us oodles-noodles of goodness in the process. And Sony in an attempt to fight back and regain its crown is definitely trying their best to counter MS. Giving us a probably much better PS3 than it would have been had it not been losing to MS right now. I garauntee you's we would not be getting nearly as many firmware updates as we are if it wasnt for the competition, or demo's, HOME, the little XBLA like games, the price drop, Killzone 2 would not be as good as they are trying to make it, the rumble and so on. So competition is good. And Sony fanbopys are actually winning out more than they think from this current situation with MS. So let the race go on, and may we all prosper from this!

And P.S. can we all stop fighing over this!? i mean come on, after all its only video games. We are all cut from the same cloth (gamers). And are realy like cousins (PS3 fans & 360 fans), in this game

Bladestar3921d ago

wow... they buy american products in Germany? I rather to not try to make the relationship... but the 2 contries where the xbox 360 are not selling too good (Germany and Japan) were both against United State during WW2... and got their @$$ kicked thanks to the US (in part). coincidense?

dhammalama3921d ago

Drop some more nuclear bombs why don't ya. But make sure to arrange something first, you know, to get public support.

unlimited3921d ago

war is stupid!! no one wins just more death to innocent people life..i wouldnt buy fautly console either from microsoft..the 360 isnt overtaking europe either the ps3 is doing better..

what a suprise the 360 is doing better in

Foliage3921d ago

You might have a point there. The world does hate the US, and the xbox 360 sales suck everywhere outside the US.

Maybe the US is just so full of themselves.

fenderputty3921d ago

What point are you trying to make? Even after the war, US dumped extremely large amounts into the German economy to help bring it back up. Japanese people love American Pop-Culture too and eat up the iPod. Are you honestly trying to draw some sort of WWII/electronics conspiracy theory up here. You sound absolutely insane.

PimpHandHappy3921d ago

WE did not kick Germanys aZZ in WW2 fool. We didnt join the fight till 4 years in. Germany lost because they went up north 2 Russia in the middle of the winter. We did how ever give Japan a good beatin. If we had lost that war we wouldnt be the counrty we are. Are leaders would have gone to jail for war crimes. Google fire bombing of Japan then take a look at where the Japanesse is today

America would be nothing if we had 90% of are citys leveled to the ground! AND THATS A FACT

Look at New Orleans for all the proof u need

Laexerias3921d ago

What the hell is wrong with you?

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