Wii owners not as casual as some think? (Guitar Hero III leaderboards show)

"Looking at the Guitar Hero III leaderboards, Wii scores are pretty far ahead of both 360 and (especially) PS3 scores. GH III may be a casual-friendly game, but there's nothing casual about getting over 100 millions, not to mention that this is the first iteration available on Wii so the scores should be lower than GH veterans of 360 or PS2."

"So what's going on here?
Will the Wii version end up being the best selling?
Did some Wii owners figure out how to hack their scores?
Are more old PS2 owners ugrading to Wii than the other Next-gen consoles?
Is the wireless tech in the Wii-mote more reliable than the proprietary Red Octane wireless?
Are Hi-def textures just too distracting?
Did Vicarious Visions somehow make the game easier than the other versions?
Is mono the only real way to play?
Are Wii owners just super badass hardcore after all?
And how the [snip!] did WPI09 get over 300 million??"

(Images and report courtesy of dyls of NeoGAF)

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Husso3888d ago

nintendo nerd/casuals = wii audience duhhhh.

forum_crawler3887d ago

dumb/hardcore = non-wii audience? duhhhh?

Gondee3887d ago

i thought 300 million was immpossiable.

Isnt the wii easy to modd? easyest*

Waffle-boy3888d ago

...because the top 10 represent all Wii owners.

Ignorant Fanboy3886d ago

You think only 10 people own a Wii?

It has outsold the 360 and PS3 combined every month since it was launched.

TheExecutive3887d ago

lol, I bet there are some hardcore gamers that have a wii... like at least 1/3 of the people that visit this site... this article doesnt say anything about anything.

Laexerias3887d ago

I even just got the Wii Version and i got a PS3 a WII and a RRoD XB360
had Guitar Hero 2 for XB360 and got Rockband for PS3
so its just fair to have GH3 for Wii imo. xd
And its not expensive like the other two :D

Snukadaman3887d ago

ohh dont have a your full of sheit..nice try anyways...

B Man3887d ago

You are one of the most idiotic and annoying people here. You've used that "arguement" multiple times, once for me even, and it makes no sense. So what if someone hasn't take the time to fill out a profile, that makes them a liar? Your logic is retarded. I don't have my gamertag on my profile, but I do have one.

Ever think that maybe someone doesn't want fanboys and retards like you knowing their gamertag? I hear enough random 10 year old idiots in the games, I don't need you sending me messages and sh#t.

Snukadaman3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Thats how you know when someone is full of shiet talking about how they are playing a game on xbox360 or talk about having RROD...yet has no gamertag on the bottom of their bio...its really not that hard too add the gamertag...and it will pop right up...and your argument about people not wanting others too know their gamertag made me lol....if you had a xbox you would know that you have too accept anyone on your gamerlist to even get messages from them so you fail....what do you think..someone will stalk you on xbox live..hahahaha..what a moron.

doncorleone73887d ago

I'm hardcore and I have a wii

AllroundGamer3887d ago

i am hardcore too and i sold my Wii after two months of dumb mediocre games (metroid was the only one good in the Wii collection of crap games...)

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