411's Top 10 Most Overrated Games

Thousands upon thousands of games have been released, but what does 411 columnist Derek Robbins think are the ten most overrated among them? The 10th Hour this week covers the games that perhaps get a bit *too* much credit.

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nevelo073953d ago

he is telling the truth about halo3 i thought i was only person is the world who felt this way.

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Dpa3953d ago

Agree with you dude, Halo is very run off the mill. Just been playing the original for the last 2 hours and the whole game is basically the same circular room repeated over and over again with either aliens or zombies in it.

CyberSentinel3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Blind Lemmings, That's The Bottom Line!

gaffyh3952d ago

I agree with this guy about Halo, it is very repetitive, I also think a GTA game should be in there, it is also always the same, and I doubt GTA 4 will change the formula

Gamespot-equals-EGM3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

Goldeneye ====> totally disagree, that game was da' bomb FPS in its day.

Final Fantasy 7 =====> I sort of agree. A big reason why it sold so well was because Sony gave it a big marketing push. It was a good game no doubt but not legendary like Zelda:OOT or Mario64 (or even GTA 3).

man0fsteel3952d ago

I've always thought the same myself! As a PS Owner and fan, I must say that Halo is not a bad game by any means. I have the original on my PC. It was just hearing people say that it is the best shooter ever and hearing all the critical acclaim and hoopla aggravated me so much when I thought it didn't deserve all that.

The first shooter I ever got into was counter-strike and I must say as a matter of my own opinion, I believe deserves more accolades than halo ever should, especially since the game has been around for ages and it is still one of the most re - playable games ever made.

InMyOpinion3952d ago

Like he said, Halo 3 is down there with other crap titles like Final Fantasy VII and Goldeneye 007. What a publicity wh0re...

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Vip3r3953d ago

Lame: (28 minutes ago)
list of opinions. NOT NEWS. Said opinion is also the minority, and shows that the poster knows nothing about games.
Reported by: CyberSentinel

I bet you're only saying that because Halo is number 1. We've had other lists of game being either good or bad and no-one complained then.

cloud360-7th_account3953d ago



FF fans and Halo fans shud get together on this one

Dpa3953d ago

Im sorry but your a complete [email protected], actually no im not sorry, GTFO, 10 year olds shouldnt be allowed on n4g.

fergie16163953d ago

Wow you are clearly a mature adult who can communicate his opinion properly with the English language. Try spelling "should" right next time and I'll consider what you said.

Rooftrellen3953d ago

FF fans should know that the best FF was 6.


Sorry, but just because you like a franchise doesn't mean one of the games wasn't terrible overrated. FF7 was a great game, but not the best game of all time, and not even the best game in the dang series! If your a FF fan, you should enjoy the fact that so many people think FF7 was so great, when you know it's not even the best.

Greysturm3953d ago

The best in the series has alaways been disputed between 6 and 7, for most 6th had a better storyline but the gameplay mechanics and minigames (such as chocobo breeding) of 7 compensated since the story was never that far behind. Another thing that tend to give ff7 the title for most gamers is its varied areas such as underwater. FF3 was a good game but it has nothing to be remembered for, neither the story nor the gameplay were impressive, 8th on the other hand although the storyline was weak its binding magic system was interesting enough to remember the game also it introduced the world minigame theme that became so popular in the next games by adding the card game.

So for most peost people FF7=(disputed goodness)=FF6>FF8>FF3

gaffyh3952d ago

@rooftrellen - FF3 is a pile of crap, honestly it has the worst (old) levelling system and the story is so bad, you don't even get to know about your characters, you're just thrown in to a battle. That is really bad in an RPG.

I haven't played FF6 or 7, but I've heard they are good, don't know which is better, although I really liked FF8. 8 was the last good one IMO.

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Daxx3953d ago

Can't we just burry this subject and move on with our lives?

fergie16163953d ago

I really agree about Halo but everybody already knew that those games are the most over rated of all time. I always thought Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon were underated.