Unreal Tournament 3: Videogamer Review - 'hardcore'

UT games have always been a lot faster than console shooters, focusing on instinctive eagle-eyed sniping and quick-fingered dodging over the more considered, slower-paced play of, say, the Halo series.

Indeed, watching professional Unreal Tournament players show off their mad skills is a bit like watching some crazed gamer cyborg, such is the jaw-dropping nature of what they're doing. But the skill required to compete with most UT players online has perhaps hindered the series' mass market appeal. It has always been somewhat of a hardcore FPS.

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Torch3917d ago


Realize that UT has been around long before Gears was even a scant thought.

Not to mention that Gears isn't even an FPS (third-person.)

FPS nut3917d ago

UT has never put up sales numbers like Gears of War. Gears has become MS and Epics money machine, it's just to bad I don't support Epic. (shady)

MK_Red3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

Wow, did you even know that previous UTs were all GOTYs and UT matches are considered THE best multiplayer / online battles along with Quake 3 and Counter Strike? Games like Gears and Halo are good but nowhere near the classics like UT, Quake3 and CS.

Also, Gears was original part of UT2007/3 as something like Warfare mode but Epic decided to make it a seperate game and thus Gears of War was born.

Skerj3917d ago

Thank you MK!! I don't know where these kids come off shunning UT and thinking Gears was the first game ever for Epic. Aside from 2003, every UT has had critical acclaim and winning various GOTY awards. Just because some of you hadn't heard of it until it was announced for consoles doesn't take any of that away. Quite frankly I like UT more than Gears, but I played them both for different reasons.

eyeh3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

wow, this is probably the most ignorant comment I have seen on n4g since I found this site. Really, you should spend some time with all of the different versions and different game modes. You are missing out on one of the most satisfying experiences in recent gaming. There is a reason why UT has several sequels. This is because people love it and look forward to additions and recreations of it.

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BattleAxe3917d ago

Looking forward to this game on the PS3. The Graphics look amazing, but i'm really looking forward to seeing what the game play is like.

Torch3917d ago

I was gonna wait for the PS3 release, but after trying the PC beta yesterday, I find it hard to wait.

Totally awesome.

wil4hire3917d ago

Im gunna do both..

PC for work

PS3 for home.

I've been missing this game since 2k4. I NEVER played the full either, just the demo lol. But god, it was an amazing demo.

RedSeven3917d ago

I never played Gears or Unreal before. I've never owned an Xbox or played the previous games on PC. I like how the PS3 version supports keyboard and mouse though. I think a lot of console people are in for a rude awakening when playing the mouse & keyboard opponents. PWNED!

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