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Submitted by bmw69 1567d ago | article

Battlefield 3 week 1 sales are in...

Seb Parker: "A mere 5 weeks ago Epic and Gears of War 3 set the 2011 record for the highest debut of the year with over 3 million copies sold in its first week on sale. One week later and EA announced that Fifa Soccer 12 had toppled that with 3.2 million in its first week. Well, with Battlefield 3, they have reason to celebrate yet again." (Battlefield 3, Industry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Machina-AX  +   1567d ago
Impressive, as expected!
princejb134  +   1567d ago
congrats dice, buying my copy soon
StanLee  +   1567d ago
Makes Gears of War 3's launch number seem even more impressive. Battlefield 3 is multiplatform, excessively hyped and launched on all 3 major platforms. Hope EA and DICE take the time to stop gloating and fix the game.
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EVILDEAD360  +   1567d ago
'Makes Gears of War 3's launch number seem even more impressive'

Yup, I called it back then. There were people trying to downplay Gears' first week sale when nothing still has topped it.

Gears-3 million+ sales in one week only on the 360

Fifa 12- 3.2 million multi-platform

Battelfield 3 - 3.5 million multi-patform

Either way, ALL of these first week numbers will be shattered next week when Call of Duty:MW3 drops.

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nintenflo  +   1567d ago
Bought it already, it's an excellent game!
@evil dead 360 I expect mw3 to sell between 10 - 15 mill in it's first week!

Bf3 sales are a little lower than I expected but I think that's because they released it a little too near to mw3, they should have released it 3 or 4 weeks ago then it would have sold better imho!
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darthv72  +   1567d ago | Funny
you know....
activision is watching these numbers really closely. MW3 comes out soon and the die hard MW fans are gonna be all over it like dust on a wii.
Perjoss  +   1567d ago
"because xbox owners dont have other games to play"

If multi platform games didn't exist then your comment would be correct.

MW3 will probably sell a lot more copies than BF3, but Lady Gaga sells really well too but it does not mean she makes great music.
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Jamzluminati  +   1567d ago
Who cares? Uncharted 3 is going to sell 10 million in one day.
Anon1974  +   1567d ago
Ah, seems like only yesterday, VGChartz was admitting that MGS4's sales figures included no actual sample data from Europe and just guessed for the whole region.
AntBoogy90  +   1567d ago

I agree with you about the whole "stop gloating and fix the game".. because of MW3, they released it early and right now it's pretty damn buggy.

I would've preferred to buy my retail copy later on, so they would have time to fix the issues.

Nevertheless, great game.. and great sales.. and now we wait for the huge patch coming soon :)
Lord_Stark  +   1567d ago | Well said
@ Stop

I'm assuming you're referring to the stellar exclusives for the PS3 this fall like Reistance 3 (mediocre, flop), Ratchet and Clank All for One (rubbish, flop), Payday The Heist (utter rubbish, massive failure) and Uncharted 3, the only real exclusive of note. While, Microsft has released Gears of War 3 (critical and commercial success) and Forza 4 (critical and commercial success) and will release Halo CE Anniversary in a couple weeks which is expected to be, you guessed it, a critical and commercial success.
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EVILDEAD360  +   1567d ago
@ Nintenflo

'Bought it already, it's an excellent game!
@evil dead 360 I expect mw3 to sell between 10 -15 mill in it's first week!'

I agree with you 100% in that BF is a great game. I'm still at the early in the campaign, but I don't see where the SP hate is coming from.

But, in regards to the BF sales, I feel like EA could have done so much more had they not spent the early portion of the year in bashing Modern Warfare.

I'm not even going to predict MW3 sales, because in short, it's going to break every record in the book.

Battlefield 3 did 5 million in a week and is EAs biggest seller ever.

In comparison:

Call of Duty: Black Ops reportedly sold 7 million in the first 24 hours on sale.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3? It's going to be ridiculous what's about to happen. This isn't a knock at BF, just keeping it real.

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Gamer1982  +   1567d ago
@stanlee as much as I agree with your multi platform remark your saying Gears wasn't excessively hyped? Where you been living before its launch? A box perhaps?
Denethor_II  +   1567d ago
"Yup, I called it back then. There were people trying to downplay Gears' first week sale when nothing still has topped it.

Gears-3 million+ sales in one week only on the 360"

One could argue that Gears 3 sold well, and most would probably agree. But I would put forward the argument that when it comes to games to look forward to on the XBox, Gears is the only one.
Aloren  +   1567d ago
@Denethor_II Maybe you should put forward the argument that it is an excellent game.
ljh217  +   1567d ago
Everyone forgets that Trials HD is an XBLA exclusive. Arguably the greatest downloadable game ever created.
gamingdroid  +   1567d ago
Doesn't matter to me, because I know Gears of War 3 has not only a huge community online, it is one of the best I have ever participated in.

You can spin the numbers any way you want, but Gears is a huge exclusive franchise only toppled by a few. Many multi-platforms can't match up.

I think the test of time and the continued size of the community tells me if a game was really well received.

No amount of marketing and/or hype will make me enjoy a game more or less.
badz149  +   1567d ago
"I'm assuming you're referring to the stellar exclusives for the PS3 this fall like Reistance 3 (mediocre, flop), Ratchet and Clank All for One (rubbish, flop), Payday The Heist (utter rubbish, massive failure)"

I kinda agree that Payday is kinda mediocre but

Resistance 3 = mediocre, flop?
All 4 One = rubbish, flop?

let me ask you something; have you played all these games? I don't think so! so STFU TROLL! you don't have the rights to comment on games you don't play!
miyamoto  +   1567d ago
If there isanything note worthy that Microsoft has made is...making a lot of gamers into sales whores courtesy of Aaron Greenberg MS PR man. sales zombies for that matter. destroyed.
DaTruth  +   1566d ago
@Lord Stark
Unlike MS, Sony doesn't just release games in the holiday season! They release half of all their exclusives before June!
Sony360  +   1566d ago

People like myself who own all platforms can have all the games they want. I bought Gears 3 with all of the other games available on platforms and it's still one of the best out of all of them.

Bitter fanboys like you are the real losers, and your point is completely moot.
SWORDF1SH  +   1566d ago
I agree with da truth
Sony spread their exclusives.
MS have blown their load of exclusives in one go.
Whats left for next year for MS?
A few years of Kinect pushing games while MS focus on XBOX 3.

And yes 360 exclusives sell more because MS markets everything aggressively, at a price, while sony spends less on advertising and not having to sell more games to recoup the loss.
PS3 exclusives dont have huge first weeks but they sell at a steady pace.

You get a lot of people claiming things are a flop but using vgchartz data 14 ps3 game published by sony have sold over 2M
17 360 sold over 2M.
Trebius  +   1566d ago
Its easy to get 3mil 1st week sales with a 360 exclusive because 360 players have to wait a full year just for 1 decent exclusive.

If ps3's only exclusive game was Uncharted, then that game would sell WAYYY more copies, but since ps3 gamers have so much CHOICE when it comes to exclusives, theres something for everyone and eveyroen doesnt have to settle on 1 overhyped title every year.

To call Resistance 3 and Ratchet and Clank a flop just shows how out of touch some ppl are with the gaming
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lMHl  +   1566d ago

very funny comment bro
lMHl  +   1566d ago

I have played all of those games apart from Ratchet and Clank and I can say that they were all really bad games uncharted and twisted metal are the only good games on the ps3 in my opinion gears is a great game by the way but the best games ever made were the halo series
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bayport  +   1567d ago
Why do people keep using the SOCOM:Confrontation guy as the a "battlefield 3" picture
n4gisatroll  +   1567d ago
I was just about to ask that myself! For a second, before reading the article I thought I clicked on a confrontation 2 announcement lol
Ulf  +   1567d ago
SOCOM: Confrontation had really great cover art. People love to re-use it.
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JANF  +   1567d ago
congrats to EA!! those are some excellent sales.
trancefreak  +   1567d ago
WOOT lets throw a party for them Woot Woot /s
JANF  +   1567d ago
WOOt you're so cool Woot Woot /s
ATi_Elite  +   1567d ago
BF3 sales will top 10 million after Christmas and maybe 12 million if the Steam rumors are true.

Batman, BF3, MW3, Uncharted will be the big time Christmas games this holiday.
kindi_boy  +   1567d ago
What steam rumors?
DiRtY  +   1566d ago
Uncharted won't be as big as the ones u mentioned. No exclusive game will. And if there will be an exclusive game it will be Gears of War 3. On consoles that is. The 3DS games will be big as well.

MW3, BF3 and Skyrim will be the really big ones this year.
y0haN  +   1566d ago
Don't forget Zelda Skyward Sword and TES: Skyrim.
awi5951  +   1567d ago
There is no way they can tell how much the digital version sold so i dont trust these numbers.
awi5951  +   1567d ago
I also bought my digital version from amazon i was going to buy from direct2drive but amazon was 10 bucks cheaper. Most of these digital download sites dont announce their sales because brick and mortar stores threaten to retaliate against their partners buy pulling their products off shelves.
JsonHenry  +   1567d ago
I bought it for PC. A FANTASTIC FPS. I rate it at the top of my list with the likes of its more complicated brother Red Orchestra 2.
ATi_Elite  +   1567d ago
Hey 3 cheers for another Red Orchestra 2 fan.

It's a pain in the butt playing BF3 all week then having to play RO2 all weekend.

the first hour i end up getting slaughtered until i get the BF3 out my system. lol
finbars75  +   1567d ago
Very impressive indeed but if you read the the new numbers just announced 30 minutes ago they actually got the total amount in it's first week and it's actually 5 million copies including downloads.That to me my friends is good news for Dice and the fans who are playing it.Well go check out the info if you don't believe me.Got to get back to playing BF3
showtimefolks  +   1567d ago
before the end of the year expect Bf3 to hit around 8-10 million
and within a year 12-15 million

Ea can not beat COD this time around what they can do is take a big part of FPS market

BF3's MP will take months to complete so its a game with huge replay value

congrs dice
zeddy  +   1567d ago
does vgchartz have a reliable source or are they just guessing?
aksmashh  +   1567d ago
"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in a couple of weeks, a title which is expected to top a mammoth 12 million units in its first week"

Thats crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chriski333  +   1567d ago
very nice but im wondering how much did the game cost to make ????????
Kos-Mos  +   1566d ago
Is it impressive that 3 million teens buy a shooter?
fluffydelusions  +   1567d ago
Great news for DICE! I'm sure they are happy.
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BeardedGamerShow  +   1567d ago
I expected great sales, but this exceeds my expectations. This game may hit 10 million lifetime.
hiredhelp  +   1567d ago
it go beyond 10mil i reckon. If this game gets to ontinued support on all formats i can see this game being played for quite some time.
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Ares84HU  +   1567d ago
Very nice from BF3!!

So CoDMW3 is expected to sell 12 million??? I suppose that is based on units sold on previous CoD games. Well make that 11,999,999.00 because I won't be buying it at all. I'm done with CoD.
JsonHenry  +   1567d ago
I wish I could say the same but I know so many people are still getting MW3 that I will get it sooner or later just to play with them online.

However the whole time I am gonna be talking about how great BF3 is and they should play that instead.

It is gonna be very hard for me to go to a game with static scenery/buildings like the CoD series after playing BF3.
gotgame1985  +   1566d ago
I hear a lot of people say they're done with cod, but why?
Dlacy13g  +   1567d ago
As much as I am enjoying BF3...its definitely not perfect, and to be honest it has me looking forward to MW3.

Either way, good for EA and DICE. It's nice to see other games outside of the COD games putting up big opening numbers.
fluffydelusions  +   1567d ago
I'm looking forward to MW3 also but I love BF3 too!
shikamaroooo  +   1567d ago
Same I don't like the strategic type multi player bf3 offered
egidem  +   1567d ago
Last time I checked, all Battlefield games are based on strategic type multiplayer games. If you don't like it, find something else to play, like MW2, BO etc.

If you think that you can play the one man army in say a Rush game in BF, then you're gravely mistaken.
perdie  +   1567d ago

I play the one man army in rush all the time and it works out pretty nice. You see, in any tactical game play there has to be a slayer and thats me.
InTheZoneAC  +   1567d ago
then I guess you've never played BF before...
cpayne93  +   1567d ago
I guess we all just have different tastes...I love team based strategic multiplayer.
monkpunk1  +   1567d ago
I'm looking forward to MW3 for the story, but i have only had bf3 for the weekend and ploughed 24 hrs into it online (and gained a very angry wife in the process) my friends didn't get it so alas playing alone. suffered about 3 disconnects and a tiny amount of lag.

You can guarantee that cod will be a mess when it launches (the last 4 have been) lag, disconnects host migration fails etc.

Battlefield has been right up my street and i will be playing it for some time. It feels a little "Twitchy" at first but after a while you settle in and the hilarity with some people flying Helicopters is second to none. Never once laughed out loud with cod or loved the sound of an rpg flying past my ears like this (might have another go tonight and guarantee no boom boom off the wife for some time)
Mr Tretton  +   1567d ago
MW3 is expected to sell 12m in the first week? What the hell is wrong with people?
iamnsuperman  +   1567d ago
What so bad about that. MW games are fun to play and I am expecting then when I do get it(not getting it at launch) I will enjoy it like I did playing other MW games
papashango  +   1567d ago
A shame ea/dice couldn't give their base something to look forward to on mw3 release. Back to karkand at the same time as mw3 would've been smart. I'll be honest bf3 maps are the poorest battlefield maps in the series. Theres a couple 24/7 worthy ones but none the quality of karkand, sharqi, or wake. All these maps just seem like filler
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Drake_Seraphim  +   1567d ago
Modern Warfare was too anti American for me. Very distasteful.
NYC_Gamer  +   1567d ago
very doubtful in my opinion
raWfodog  +   1567d ago
"What the hell is wrong with people?"

Yeah, why the hell do they want to buy something that they like/want? I'll never understand...
Nightcrawler913  +   1567d ago
Nice keep it going.
naughtyngga242  +   1567d ago
lets be real mw3 will most likely have a off the chains campaign short but fun, on the multiplayer side its all battlefield IMO
Dlacy13g  +   1567d ago
My biggest gripe on BF3 is how utterly difficult DICE has made it on the console side to play with more than 3 other friends in a game. No private matches? No ability to group with more than your squad?

Grrr.. it frustrates me.
BeaArthur  +   1567d ago
The best way around that is to gather a party and then go into a server with 0 people. It will put you all on the same team and then once the teams are balanced the game will start. Or join with some friends and then change teams when the opportunity presents itself...kind of annoying but it is an option.
Szarky  +   1567d ago
@BeaArthur it's not a "works-every time" option. They really need to patch the PS3 version voice chat is super choppy and "Quick Game" should just work without splitting up me and my friends. If EA needs more servers that's their problem and the Beta should have plan for this stuff.
Kleptic  +   1567d ago
^^so that does work?...I was trying all weekend, but every time I would try to join a game with '0', it would say 'host could not be found' or something...

but playing with more than 4 players is one thing...I couldn't get 3 friends on a squad at all...or at least until the next match when people friends and I would gladly wait a few minutes, rather than dealing with the alternative mess...

the matchmaking is simply frustrating, but they did say 'we are aware its not working correctly' in the menu feed...I hope they are making that queue thing more permanent when joining as a squad...a few games had us sit and wait for the server to open with enough slots, and it told us the ordering and everything...and it worked perfectly...4 friend squad launched from the menu, all 4 of us put in a squad in the game right from the start...and only waited about 2 minutes...

the rest of the would do that instant join thing and only 2 of us would actually make it into the game...on different teams, and some random squad entirely...
#10.1.3 (Edited 1567d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
BeaArthur  +   1567d ago
@Szarky, I don't know what to tell you, I've tried it a few times on the 360 version and it has worked. Maybe the PS3 is having separate issues.
Solid_Snake-  +   1566d ago

i disagreed with you because i dont like the look of your FACE.

i also marked you as trolling, as your FACE is an obvious attempt at trolling good looking people.

please change your FACE or i will be forced to disagree with any of your future posts.

in the event of you not changing your FACE i will be forced to never look at you again nor will i ever mention your name on this site.

FACE police.
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OMGitzThatGuy  +   1567d ago
I was bashed because I said that it will sell 4M copies and would be nowhere near 10M

Well, 3.5M consoles + 500k PC = 4M

I am the new Patchter
StayStatic  +   1567d ago
"3.5M consoles + 500k PC = 4M "
Doesn't say that

3.5M Retail which includes PC sales aswell :P
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Xilef  +   1567d ago
@ StayStatic
The 500k PC sales are estimated digital copies sold on Origins
slayorofgods  +   1567d ago
yes it does

"attlefield 3 has managed 3.5 million at retail, with a further 500k estimated for digital PC sales meaning it could pass 4 million in its first week"
StayStatic  +   1567d ago
Eh Your missing the point:

PC = 500k digital + however many retail which is not shown on that site , its just a grand total of retail accross 3 platforms with a further 500k digital sales not just on console like "OMGitzThatGuy" said :P

I persoanlly bought mine from retail which is not included in the 500k digital origin sales.

Main reason been it was not on steam.
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sxbrady  +   1567d ago
Patchter is a idiot!
BushLitter  +   1567d ago
Can anyone confirm that Black Ops sold 7 mil worldwide on its opening day?
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Runa216  +   1567d ago
Good sales!
anonymous92348  +   1567d ago
I've got to say I was expecting more sales on the PC.

Really interested to see how MW3 does compared to Black Ops which will really show if BF3 has had any impact on COD sales.
#14 (Edited 1567d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
C_Menz  +   1567d ago
The article only mentions a rough estimate for 500k digital PC copies. Seeing as EA has not released any numbers from Origin and many other digital retailers those numbers can't be trusted.

Plus it is vgchartz, I thought people were over the numbers they put out? They aren't based on anything since they stopped piggybacking off of whatever sites released them but requires a subscription to view(forget the name).
MaxMurdoch  +   1567d ago
#1. PC sales cannot be estimated. VG charts is simply guessing (how the hell would they estimate it)?

#2. Even if it is so low its not a surprise. EA did decide they dont need steam gamers... You know like the 70% of the PC digital market according to I personally dont have a copy yet - waiting for a steam release. When EA decides they need my money they can put it on steam.

EA is pretty stupid I have to admit. To make a game for 1 platform primarily, and then to not distribute it on the largest digital distributor for that platform... that has to be the dumbest move to date. They would have moved a lot more sales if they had put it on steam.

If they dont... I will buy the game eventually... But at a discounted price. and a few months down the line. Have a huge backlog due to steam sales anyway.
#14.2 (Edited 1567d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
spektical  +   1567d ago
its not that MW3 is bad game to play, its that Activision sets bad precedents for the gaming industry as a whole, i.e buggy games, half arsed quality, same engine, copy and paste.
cpayne93  +   1567d ago
Well some companies look at cod and try to make a "me too" game. Killzone 3 leaned more towards cod than 2, and Resistance 2 tried to be more like cod than Fall of Man. A lot of fans of the original gameplay didn't like that. I still like both those games more than cod though, but that's just my opinion.
Kleptic  +   1567d ago
totally agree...

Killzone 3 was the saddest for I lOVED killzone 2...the game had balls, GG wasn't afraid to make a different shooter, that had plenty of innovative ideas for classed based multiplayer (mixing and matching abilities, game modes changing in the same match, etc.)...A game that forced you to get used to a completely different feel too, where you had to be much more methodical and patient to have anything good happen...

but people bitched about the controls enough, or the 'lack of points'...and GG listened...

Killzone 3 was the result...instead of a dark, extremely hardcore multiplayer game...they added XP counters flying in your face...changed the controls around to make it feel like you are floating (CoD), removed 80% of weapon recoil...and just nerfed everything to a degree to make it easier...

I don't hate killzone 3...but there is a reason i never bought it, and only put about 2 hours into the multiplayer...where as I was well over 200 in killzone 2...
cpayne93  +   1567d ago
@Kleptic Let's just hope they go back to Killzone 2's formula. I loved that weighty feel. They disapointed a lot of people, they should have just tried to develop their own fanbase instead of bringing in the cod players. I think the game might have sold better if they kept the formula, a lot of Killzone 2 fans didn't buy it and most cod players were to busy playing cod to care. I think I heard that some of Killzone 3's patches made it more like Killzone 2. I wouldn't know though because I haven't played it in a while.
#15.1.2 (Edited 1567d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(6) | Report
Ju  +   1567d ago
Matchmaking and maps are great in KZ2...but other than that, I prefer KZ3 over 2. Nothing wrong with KZ3. Some people don't like the changes, but I doubt it's the majority. If anything, it split the fanbase. But KZ is just no "bright" shooter, and the artistic style doesn't help to make it "pop" art, which those "other" shooters are. Sony does not have a pop-art shooter. That's the only fault Sony has here.
BlmThug  +   1567d ago
For me Gears of war 3 still sold the most because on ONE platform it sold over 2 million. Fifa 12 sold 3.2 million across over EIGHT platforms. BF3 sold nearly 4 million over THREE platforms
#16 (Edited 1567d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
C_Menz  +   1567d ago
So you are saying Gears sold more even though they actually didn't?
kindi_boy  +   1567d ago
There is a reason why you have one bubble, let me guess you have an iPhone too?
Kamikaze135  +   1567d ago
Because 3 million is more than 3.5 (possible 4) million, right?
snp  +   1567d ago
More accurate way of saying it would be Gears of War 3 sold the most on Xbox360 of those titles. Anything else ("2 million is more than 3 or 4 million!") is not only obviously inaccurate but reaches the point of being slightly odd.
#16.4 (Edited 1567d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Laughing Buddha  +   1567d ago
I wonder what the Gears 3 numbers would have been if it were multiplatform.
spektical  +   1567d ago
not much..
it would probably add 1 million at most from both pc and ps3.
SP3333D-O  +   1567d ago
Yay, DICE! Glad they're seeing a well-earned reward.
kmanmx  +   1567d ago
Not bad for the first in the series for consoles.

The Bad Company series on PS3 and 360 are totally different games, Battlefield 3 is the first big, real Battlefield to hit consoles.

This is equivalent to the original CoD4: Modern Warfare, which initially sold worse than this (Albeit not taking into account the smaller console install base)

I predict good things as word of mouth kicks in about how good the game is.
Dlacy13g  +   1567d ago
just an fyi... BF2 Modern Combat released on the 360 back in the first year. So technically this is not a first for the series for consoles.
kmanmx  +   1567d ago
True. But it was hardly a match for the PC version, it was a low budget attempt with no marketing to get it on consoles with little next gen feel to it.
Norad6  +   1566d ago
BF2: Modern Combat and Battlefield 2 are two completely different games. They didn't even look or even play the same.
JeffGUNZ  +   1567d ago
What about Battlefield 2 on consoles?
Ju  +   1567d ago
Those are "Bad Company" titles. I don't really know what's the difference but the main protagonists, tbh. Same game types, same play style. So what's different? Someone enlighten me, please.

BTW: EA's CoD clone is MoH not BF.
#19.2.1 (Edited 1567d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report
JeffGUNZ  +   1567d ago
No Ju, Battlefield 2 released years and years prior for the Xbox 360. I am not talking about Battlefield bad company. The actual Battlefield 2 released for the 360.
SuspendedSphere  +   1567d ago
Yep, it has Battlefield 2 in the name but it definitely isn't the same game by any stretch of the imagination. I did like quick switching between soldiers on the ground in the SP, to bad the rest of the SP was a god awful mess. MP wasn't that bad, it just really really really wasn't BF2.
vinniects  +   1567d ago
I'm sorry but whats so totally different about bc2 and bf3. It s newer more evolutionary, but not different. And the lifetime sales of bf3 will be great but I don't think they will come close to the lifetime sales of the first modern warare
#19.3 (Edited 1567d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
YodaCracker  +   1567d ago
"A mere 5 weeks ago Epic and Gears of War 3 set the 2011 record for the highest debut of the year with over 3 million copies sold in its first week on sale. One week later and EA announced that Fifa Soccer 12 had toppled that with 3.2 million in its first week."

That's a funny quote from the article, since Gears of War 3 pulled off that milestone on a single console. The other two titles sold on at least 3 platforms each. Gears 3 on Xbox 360 is still by far the fastest-selling SKU of this year.
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Jac5al  +   1567d ago
Expected when it's the only major exclusive release on the console that year. trololol
SSKILLZ  +   1567d ago
Lol , also lets give some love to batman: Arkham city
RyuCloudStrife  +   1567d ago
I can just see this.
MW3 sells 10 million FIRST WEEK!!!
kcuthbertson  +   1567d ago
How can they only estimate their digital copies sold...For Christ's sake, EA is the only one who digitally distributes it through origin...They should know the exact number shouldn't they?
Jamaicangmr  +   1567d ago
This way more than i expected i guess COD finally got some competition. Not sure how i'll divide my time this Xmas between MW3 and BF3 but by the Gods it shall be done.
Dojan123  +   1567d ago
If MW3 is under 10 million in week 1... What happens? The press will go crazy. The 10 - 12 million hype will hurt the stock and expecations.

This will be the first COD I will not get the first week. Waiting on the reviews. I think there are a number people like me which will hurt week 1 sales.
InTheZoneAC  +   1567d ago
All these shooter articles post a picture of Socom Confrontation. That will always be my favorite ps3 shooter, despite the cheaters, but why can they never post a picture of the game they're talking about?
starman  +   1567d ago
I was wondering the same exact thing, still its sorta like free exposure for a highly unrated game. I like it a whole lot better then Socom 4 at least.

Anyways on topic, those are some great sales for a worthy tactical game.
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dcortz2027  +   1567d ago
Haha, I though I was the only one who noticed that!
tonywood  +   1567d ago
3.5 million in sales us great....regardless how many plats its on. Of course this won't do MW3 numbers, but this success so early...there will be another DICE offering.
ColdNorway  +   1567d ago
Someone must have been drinking hard for weeks at Dice when they came to the conclusions of deleting pretty much everthing BF games, and console BF:BC gams , stands for: free roam. The pure BF series as we know never had a SP campaign,it was all about just epic MP with huge maps. The console Bad Company series gave us a downscaled version of BF MP, but gained a SP campaign. Some tend to not like the first Bad Company SP as the levels were to big compared to the Bad Company 2's SP more linear approach to level design. Looking back I must say that the first BF:BC SP was the best and actually more in tune with BF MP level design. The first BF:BC SP also featured more vehicles than BF:BC2 SP,but the few we got to use, we controlled ourselves.The BF:BC2 SP was so linear I almost felt a case of claustrophobia sneaking up on me. "This is not what BF is about", I said many times during the SP.
Sure there were some open levels, like the tank driving and the dried up lake with the huge cargo boat,but they were too few to really matter. The tank level also featured the worst level design I have seen in years, super tight linear path to follow,step off just a little bit and you drive into invisible walls all over making zero chance of free roam and strategic possibilities.BF:BC2 SP was basically a bad designed CoD SP copy,it was overall my worst SP experience for years.... that is to say until the BF SP came along. Again barely any levels with vehicles at all, and even more linear than BF:BC2. Sure they have achieved what they wanted,the SP is basically a CoD game now,but if you compare the BF3 SP and MP it looks like the work of someone suffering from a bipolar disorder. They do not look like they belong together,SP with CoD-like linear designed levels and the MP featuring huge free roam,multi option strategic friendly levels.

Am I the only guy reacting in disbelief when Dice claimed that the SP was a great way of getting to know the BF franchise and preparing you for the MP part of the game. This must be the biggest lietold in resent game history, apart from getting to try out some of the weapons and vehicles, you learn nothing to help you in MP. The differences are so huge that you are most likely thinking: Did I just put in a different game? The first BF:BC SP was more of a guide in MP free roam level design and letting you try out vehicles also featured in MP. These last two games,BF:BC2 and BF3, are small level SP CoD clones ONLY saved by the MP feature. It was the only reason I didn't return BF:BC2 day one.

I like a great SP, and judging from the exceptionally bad attempt made by Dice in BF3, I hope the next game will just be a MP game. Getting a game with a bad SP and great MP just lowers my overall feeling towards this game.
Jonah_Reese  +   1567d ago
Fantastic past month for gaming, absolutely amazing financially.
xXtremeHDGamerXx  +   1567d ago
Everyone just love that Socom Confrontation pic.
256bit  +   1567d ago
socom confrontation has become the official image for every military shooter out there.
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