10 Scary Moments From The Current Generation Of Gaming

Fright is a natural emotion, often compared to laughter in how random and unexpected it can be. Perhaps it’s a form of escapism, allowing yourself to be frightened by things that couldn’t actually happen to you, so you don’t have to worry about everyday issues.

Whatever the reason, it’s something that people enjoy experiencing, which is never more evident than it is in the holiday Halloween. Whether it be through dressing up in costume and running through the night looking for candy, or sitting at home and watching some scary movies, never is the emotion of fright more celebrated than it is on this day.

Horror in video games however, is a different story…

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Oldman1002423d ago

Falling into the water and being killed by a fury in resistance 2.

APCMice2423d ago

Lol, oh God were those things annoying. Great game though.