Empire Earth III: Eurogamer Review - 'Godawful mess'

Eurogamer writes:

"we can't quite bring ourselves to give Empire Earth 3 the savaging which, on some levels, it richly deserves - simply because there are good ideas here, underlying the godawful mess.

Particularly annoying are the unfunny, badly voice acted lines which your troops will come out with when you interact with them. They're not remotely amusing or well written, and just come across as another silly attempt to show that this is a game which is now all about fun and accessibility, rather than being concerned with history, strategy or, well, depth."

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allforcalisto3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

it seems another game is blighted by silly artistic design choices.

Dont get me wrong i think there have been some top-notch games to have come out this year, but i think the guys behind these games need to spend more time conceptualizing. It seems that certain aspects of games just aren't developed enough or are obviously haphazardly put together.

the elevator thing in mass effect and the sameyness of some of the planets and sidequests

the good and evil thing in bioshock

The samey side quests in assassin's creed, the silly AI

the cliche'd finale to halo

So much of lair to list lol