PlayStation controller cuff links impress Sony interviewers

For the ladies out there, there's no doubt that rocking a set of Wiimote earrings would totally increase your chances of lookin' good stupendous in a Nintendo interview room, but for the folks hoping to get a leg up on the competition for that open spot at Sony, here's your ticket.

These sterling silver cuff links each measure 0.75- x 0.5-inches and closely resemble the famed PlayStation controller, and in case that wasn't overboard enough, you can even opt to engrave the backing with Sony's stock ticker symbol for extra brownie points. Sure, $150 seems a bit steep for the pair, but practically guaranteeing yourself employment is probably worth the cost.

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Mikey_Gee3954d ago

.... they are kind of cool.

Chubear3954d ago

I kinda like that. I'd definitly get something like that. Just a little tiny thing that if noticed can let people know that I'm a gamer. I can't imagine the shock on some of my employees faces should they notice this on me lol

They'd be like "He's a gamer I tells ya and gamer!!! Let's try and find out his gamertag so we can screw with him online!!" LOL XD

Meus Renaissance3954d ago

I'd never wear that. The PS logo would have been better.

PS3PCFTW3954d ago

hmmmmmmmmmm.....definitely not work safe.

Douchebaggery3954d ago

Wear your nerdness with pride.

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