Get interactivity from Blu-ray and HD DVD, and Interview with Paramount CTO

Melissa J Perenson writes for PC Advisor:

After a lengthy and painful birth, Blu-ray and HD DVD discs are well-and-truly here. But people can't help but feel a little underwhelmed with the impact HD movies have had on their lives. Interactivity was supposed to allow new possibilities between your TV and high-def movies, but are those features ready for prime time? PC Advisor takes a look, and for a second opinion, asked the head of Paramount Studios.

Page 1 covers internet-connected interactivity.

Page 2 features an interview with Paramount's chief technology officer Alan Bell (pictured) on interactivity.

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Lucreto3893d ago

I don't care about interactivity. All I want is the movie usually I am tired after it and don't bother with the other features. I don't like to see how the film was made in most cases it is like seeing how sausages are made after they may put you off.

kreetah3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

And who's paying for all that extra connectivity? What incentive does the studio have to add this? I'm sure tracking the viewers viewing habits and has some appeal to them, but without ads there is not going to be much extra free stuff added and do I REALLY want ads with my movies?

jaja14343892d ago

Well in theory you could devise your commercials to target what the viewers are watching, via that online tracking. Kind of like if they really liked the pip, then you could advertise that your move as pip.

But the interactivity is more of a gimmick than anything else. It's not needed to watch the movie and for me it very rarely is used. Hell the only dvd that I have watched everything on the disc, including the commentary are the extended LoTR movies. But with 12 disc of Tolken goodness, how can you not?

Close_Second3892d ago

...I rip my purchased DVDs onto another media is to get rid of all that so called "interactivity". I hate putting in a DVD and having to wait to get to a menu just so I can then hit "enter" to start the movie. The copies I make play the movie as soon as you put them in the player.