Why Assassin's Creed Fails - Wired Review

Chris Kohler of Wired Game|Life reviews Assassin's Creed:

"Assassin's Creed is the Martha Stewart Wii cake, filled with cardboard and sticks: Extremely impressive, just as long as you don't eat it."

Kohler gives five reasons why Assassin's Creed fails.

Note: The review contains spoilers.

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Dr Pepper3958d ago

That's funny/stupid that there was a spoiler warning at the end of the review. Note to the author: those generally go where the people start reading, not where they finish.

Skerj3957d ago

LMAO I found the informant flag quests dumb as hell too. "Hey I somehow dropped 20 flags standing up in a pattern all over the rooftops and beams in the city, please retrieve them for me so I can go out of town". After the second one I was like "wtf? ok that one was supposed to be a test but again?".

Wozzer3957d ago

Ass Creed is a must-not buy

duarteq3957d ago

Well, with more than 1 Million copies sold worldwide i think ubisoft is not worried about this fails... Wonder why the 10/10 Mario game only sold 350 thousand in Japan... it is not also a fail ? :P

Laexerias3957d ago

Nintendo lost their Hardcore Gamers imo. They wanted too much Casual Gamers, that was their Grave. =[ And.. "to want to save their Hardcore Gamers we have: "Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime Corruption and Zelda Phantom Hourglass" ...
Yay we Hardcore Gamer just want 3 Games ! ... Im even not Satishfied with 10 games in a year.. it need to be more then 20~30. or.. DMC and 15~20 Games. Im a Hardcore DMC Gamer..

Ghoul3957d ago

And once more a far to rough critiq on a great game.

sorry but people seem to loose the ability to enjoy a game by its content and experience rather then by its technique and bugs.

im really sickend with all you pseudo criticicers down talking games and the work behind just because you lost the ability to PLAY

Agente473957d ago

That review is 100% right, the main problem with ass creed is not the stupid technical problems, it's the boring gameplay and idiotic AI. The game sucks.

Chubear3957d ago

But you weren't sayign this when LIAR got it's crazy reviews though were you? In fact you jumped the bandwagon dissing it they way people are dissing AC now.

Ghoul3957d ago

hmm i dont remember me bashing on lair tbh, i was and i still am very impressed by the art and design, tough lair has some really really serious issues rendering the game nearly unplayable, but you guys are downtalking a really good game with good scores in review too,

Yes sure the gameplay may be a bit repeditive for some, but gta is repeditive too and some hate it because of that, when gta offers minigames its cool when assassins creed has those kinda elements people tend to diss it because they dislike the games glitches.

i totally understand everyone beeing not that happy with assassins creed, but its NOT a bad game, i havent seen any game yet delivering such a huge living historical location with tons and tons of assets, sorry guys but this game deserves much kudos for what they archieved.

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The story is too old to be commented.