Nintendo Says Anti-Social Teens Were Old Target

So apparently Edge Magazine covered a convention in London in which a Nintendo representative gave a speech about the company's future. Here are the harsh words that person had to say about gamers.

…gaming has traditionally been perceivedas 'an addiction that removes the player from reality'. A picture of a long haired nerd, screaming as he gripped a control pad, appeared on the projection screen, the surrounding space soon populated by the phrases 'glazed over', 'isolated' and other negative terminology.

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Funny that Nintendo back on EA said they would not leave the old, hardcore costumer behind, they would support it... I think they just realize that they don't gonna do that anymore... But not enough to let you been the "old target", they have to put you in one stereotype.

Rooftrellen3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

I think they're breaking the stereotype. They want to stop that thinking that gamers are people without lives, that only play games and yell at people while they play online.

They want the gamer to be the same as the movie watcher, the book reader, and the music listener. They want the gamer to be seen as "normal," because, like it or not, that is not what we are considered, because of those old targets.

The new target is everyone, not the "hardcore" gamer. The hope is to create games that everyone can enjoy, the same way writers try to write books everyone can enjoy and directors try to make movies everyone can enjoy.

If the industry stays as it is, only a couple hundred million people playing, it's not going to survive. Nintendo is bringing us out of the dark ages and trying to save the industry again. They're trying to expand the market, so that the target is everyone, not just the hardcore.

The only way you're not a part of Nintendo's target is if you're not a human, because that's what they want, for everyone to game. They don't want to sell 100 million consoles. They don't want to sell 150 million. They want to sell BILLIONS of consoles, to you, me, your grandpa, your children, and even your friends that don't like gaming that much.

How many people do you know that do not own a DVD player? Regardless of how many movies people watch, no matter if they are "hardcore" or "casual" movie watchers, they have a DVD player, and they have a variety of movies that they like, and some overlap and some don't, randomly, according to taste.

That's what Nintedo wants for gamers, for everyone to be a gamer, and for there to be no more "hardcore" or "casual," just for there to be different genres, different likes and dislikes, and different people liking different things.

Nintendo doesn't want to target you, no, because you're one of a small group. Nintendo wants to target everyone so that the industry may grow.

Edit: @2.2

Ok, I stand corrected about music. I just listen to what I like, but if people only listen to what is "normal" and what is "not normal," then it is in the same situation the video game industry is now, with the "normal" (hardcore) being harmful to the industry, it seems, with the "not normal" (casual) being just as bad. Still, the comparison with movies stands, and that is where Nintendo is trying to put video games, not toward the segregation that already exists.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3958d ago

There are music listeners who don't know anything about music which monopoly the market and are "normal"

and there are the real music listeners who are pointed out as strange people because they don't like mtv and mainstream bullcrap.


@Rooftrellen, by paragraph

Great way to brake stereotype... Just show that stereotype as the older teget... You can say what you want, but if you have bough a GC, so you just probably the old target... You know, just business, old gamers don't buy enough to make Big N first, lets take some new fans going for masses and if someone don't like the way we have gone, lets just make then look retarded in our convention, anyway we don't need they anymore...

I don't know you, but I don't give a sh!t to whatever someone consider me... You know, I pay my bills... So I don't play any game to people look better on me, just like I don't lisen to any music, watch any movie, or read any book...

Great way to go... Make more blockbuster that are all in all a bunch of cliches, make more self-help and manual for dummies books (cause you know, the average reader are not all about Willian Sheakespeare or Bertold Bretch) between another high lighted gimmicks on media... Nothing like take alway all the state of art on a game, thanks Big N.

Impressive, I don't see MS or Sony crying how the industry was going to fail. You know, for a "underground" industry, Games are a real big deal, and could survive for itself... Well, maybe not for EA world domination plans, but still, who cares about EA?

Most like Nintendo want everyone to buy the console... But so they are not making it high. Cause I'm hardcpre, I play some casual games too, but my cup of tea is hardcore and no, I'm not on Nintendo's turf... I see it's library and 99% have little to no appeal to me... And I'm human, so how are they aiming for every human? This "sell billions" thing was already tried, the results was not worth, now we have pop music, emo, and MTV...

How many people are this music listeners and don't have a single CD? MP3, Radio, TV... You know that always was all a range of gamers on PC that are casual and was playing those freewares? How many play anything on the cellphone to pass time. It's not like Nintendo are creating a new audience, they are just moving then to consoles also, which we don't really need... You know thos 120m PS2 sold? Most of then bough by casual gamers. It's not a new thing since PS1 that we have casual gamers. So we really don't need a toned down console to make that, casuals can wait the next-gen ones to low their price, if they can't, they are not more casuals.

Nintendo will sooner or later make it... Just like television, there will be no more hardcore or casual, there will be just a ton o sh!t. Nothing like massification...

You really don't see that Everyone would include... Well... Everyone... And anyway, you can't expect me to be happy seeing Big N pissing in my face just cause it has new friends...

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Still I like some Wii games, but really, Nintendo now just don't deserve the support.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3958d ago

For getting gaming into mainstream. We already starting to have utter crap and its getting worse.

Look at the mainstream music its happening the same.

Megaton3958d ago

Agreed. The more mainstream something becomes, the more quality and innovation is lost to cheap and generic material (generalization, but a pretty accurate one).

The state of gaming today makes me sad by comparison to the old days, though there are always going to be good games here and there.

Kholinar3958d ago

Oh please. The market's always been mostly crap, will always be mostly crap. In fact, right now I think there's more good games than there's ever been, with an equal ratio of crap. For people comparing it to music... I listen to a lot of music, including a lot indie stuff, great foreign artists, etc. There's a ton of crap in those "more artsy" genres too. And a lot of times the horrible stuff is very hyped by viral marketing.

Sure, if the market expands hugely there'll be more crap, but there'll also be an equal ratio of good games, cause lets face it, as people play more games they'll buy less crap. Little kids and such may buy more Hannah Montana (to keep up the music metaphor) clones, but that's because they're little kids. There may be some people with just bad taste, but there's that in the hardcore game world and the indie world where people think all indie = quality.

If we ever want games to really be considered art, then the best way is to expose everyone to them in some other way than when there's a school shooting.

timmyrulz3958d ago

Are killing the world, Sony and Microsoft are making all the normal gamers fat and lazy, but nintendo they are making all the woman, old people kids and sad acts who think the wii is good fat and lazy! soon the only healthy people left in the world will be starvin marvins!

BlackCountryBob3958d ago

Its really good customer care when you call all the loyal millions world wide who have bought stuff from your company in the past 30 years "long haired nerds" and then say that they don't matter any more.

One day Nintendo I have a feeling you will regret neglecting those die hard fans as I am sure you will need to rely on them to buy something and they will be nowhere to be seen, one rule written in stone in business is that you need to attract new customers but not at the expense of your existing ones.

Poor form Nintendo (but all would be forgotten if you began to support Nintendo Europe properly and not treat Europeans like slack jawed fools who like everything a year late!)

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