Haze Director Insider Trailer

Free Radical Director talks new features in their upcoming title Haze.

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skyline20033959d ago

This video has been up on IGN since 8/1/07 .... This is madd old. Its also on PSN.

Developer Diary 3 (HD) (August 1, 2007)

picker3323959d ago

Omg this video have been send to n4g news 2 time's now.
Soo old!!!
Come on pls i want some gameplay on Haze.
The release date is sometime's in december i believe!?!
so by this point it would be more info about this game(at least some pic's!)
Well we'll see.

Peace Out!

ravinash3959d ago

Looks like a good game, but I have FPS coming out of my ears, so I think I'll pick this one up later in the year when there isn't anything else.

lswanson13959d ago

OMG! Why was this approved? THis is such an old trailer that was laready posted on this site like 4 weeks ago