Man waits 36 hours for an Xbox

Randy Middleton was a man on a mission.

He had a list of electronic equipment he wanted for his family, and he wasn't going to take no for an answer.

"Last year, when I went to the sale, the line was so big, I didn't even go," the Pensacola father of three said. "This year, I decided I was going to beat the line."

And he did. Middleton was the first in line at Best Buy in Pensacola for Black Friday shopping. In fact, he spent Wednesday night and all day Thursday on the sidewalk at Cordova Mall to be the first customer let in to at 5 a.m. today.

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Zhuk3920d ago

Only Xbox 360 excites consumers in this way with the greatest lineup in entertainment history it is not surprising to see consumers resorting to such methods these holidays

Slayer OP3920d ago

Ok what is up with your comments? Are you playing a character or do you just like to overemphasize?

ruibing3920d ago

I think he went in line for the Black Friday sale. If he just wanted a 360, he could easily get it from all major online retailers. But if he wanted a Wii, it would be a completely different story.

kydrice3920d ago

WOW Wipe your chin you still got a little Microjizz on your face.

consolewar3920d ago

but yours Sr is just wrong. Tell your mother I'm sorry.

ravinash3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

there were lines for xbox...PS3...Iphone...oh, don't forget the lines for Wii that would have left your precious xbox line in the dust.
So what was that you were say about xbox being the ONLY thing to get people lining up.
Sometime I think you live in a dream world.

Oh yeah...and the Xbox has been out 2 years, so he could have been that excited for it.

BrianC62343920d ago

Did anyone tell the moron that 360s are plentiful? Did someone tell him the 360 is always sold out and hard to find? I can't believe anyone would be so stupid. Did he get the 360 for $50 or something? I hope he didn't do that for the regular price.

bootsielon3920d ago

all the jokes about me saying he should be paid by Microsoft are indeed not jokes. Just read his lines. He sounds like a freaking marketer. I thought "He must be joking", but honestly... perhaps it's true. AFter all, there have been some Microsoft employees caught online badmouthing the competition, and he could as well be one of those.

Gamespot-equals-EGM3920d ago

Yeah, I'm going to camp out for a DVD player. I hear they're very hard to find and they're this year's hottest item. Wish me luck fellas as I try to nab the ever elusive DVD player.

sleepbox3920d ago

I dunno why you all are getting so upset with Zhuk's initial sounds like something Ken Kutaragi would say about the PS3

Mercutio3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

that was so funny, i didnt even expect it, i swear lol, when you say something, you say it in a ' marketing' kind of way, for instance:

'The Microsoft Xbox360 delivers what no other console can, in terms of innovation, handling and, customer satifaction.'

' Microsoft has made and will keep making its products of High standards, allowing customers feel that they are in touch with Microsoft'

Seriously are you a Micro$oft,dude?

Goldensun3213920d ago

That is a ton of time...But you can get a 360 anywhere nowadays...

Andronicus3920d ago

Confirmed, please ad him to the list

DRUDOG3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

zhuk, you give flaming a bad name. It would be so much better if you actually said something that was worthwhile and had some substance.

This guy waiting in line for 36 hrs. is pathetic. The deals weren't that great for a 2 year old console that can be bought at any store that carries them in town, on any given day. Hope it doesn't RRoD on him...

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PimpHandHappy3920d ago

just think he could have walked right into any best buy in Jan 07 and got his 360. Instead he didnt go because of the crowds and then he waits in line for it on the worst day for shoping there is

atleast for men who dont care about sales

this story is funny but is it really news

Kleptic3920d ago

yeah i am confused...

was there a significant sale or something in Florida?...In State College PA there were no out of the ordinary "sales" for any of the consoles, except for the normal bundles the PS3 and 360 are getting...and not one version of any system (except the 60gb PS3 and Wii) were sold out as of closing last night at a local best buy and circuit city...Wal mart was sold out of the Wii and 40 gig PS3, and nothing else hardware wise...

software wise though I did notice some stuff too...Rockband, GH3, ME, and Uncharted were all sold out at all the places I went, yet Mario Galaxy was still around at all but wal-mart...halo 3 was readily available everywhere, which suprised me...and CoD 4 was sold out for the PS3 most places, but still available for the 360 (probably a matter of what happened with Rockband...far higher inventory for the 360 at first)....

chrno63920d ago

Needless to say, this man has too much time on his hands. Who waits for 36 hrs for a 360, or anything else for that matters?

Danja3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

LOL..this just shows how intelligent the average 360 owner is...

2 bad he will probably have to send it back for repair cuz it will die on him in about HHMM..30 days..!! 0_o

consolewar3920d ago

I'm so waiting a comeback

lawman11083920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

You can't walk into a Circuit city or Best buy with out falling over a PILE of those