Konami "Not Set Up" For Multi-Platform Development

As a developer, we've worked the same way since the days of the SNES. We're simply not set up for multi-platform development.

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macsto3837d ago

Not an excuse for PES Sucking on PS3.

Danja3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

100% agree with yah for a change..!!

Bombomb3837d ago

we all know sony sucks with support and tools, as well as their architecture is way off this gen with the ps3.

not always developers, since konami have been great.

toughNAME3837d ago

I like how they admit it... after thousands bought it

xplosneer3837d ago

Just have to add:(No offense)
But are they trying to tell us AGAIN MGS4 is exclusive?

Danja3837d ago

HAHA I was gonna be all Fanboy about it..but yes ppl


macsto3837d ago

No, that just means that MGS4 will suck on 360 lol

consolewar3837d ago

make sweet love to you mother. What are my chances?

TheMART3837d ago

Well PES 2008 sucks on PS3, so MGS4 would be better on the 360 also.

Makes one wonder...

gololo3837d ago

mart u r such an idiot...pes was made for the ps all of these years and it has been they decided to code it for the 360 and port it to the ps3, so to me is that they shouldve done it the other way around...and dude if u want mgs4 that bad get a ps3...otherwise u'll miss that glorious game

spammy_nooo3837d ago

I know you probably don't mean anything by it, but could you change your avatar consolewar?I'm willing to believe it's just a coincidence, but I am not flattered and don't want to be mistaken for anybody(you).

Not trying to be rude or anything, but I had it first :P

Blackfrican3837d ago

Top selling PS3 game of all time (2010)
1-Naked pre-teen anime adventures

playstazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiooooooooooooooooo oooon.

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brianodom3837d ago

make th e damn thing ps3 exclusive...

BISHOP-BRASIL3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Initially would look stupid to agree, but hell yes... I agree. If they have to choose where to put PES, it's all about Europe... PS3 is way more popular on Europe, with some more games next year it will just be outselling 360 with some margin...

And even some other games of Konami, are most focused on Japanese and European audience, and still, you can sell it to american PS3 owners. If you go with 360 only in this one, you will flop on Japan, sell less than you could in Europe and most probably don't get the attentionit deserves on US, if it's not a US-guided games (FPS?).

remix3837d ago

told us POINT BLANK................numerous amount of times.

anyway, konami is a good company and i know they can make the next one better

felman873837d ago

You'd think Konami would pay more attention to the development team, especially since PES is one of their bigger franchises

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