Fragile Shows Itself Again; New Screens

Gamersyde writes: "Famitsu still had some screens of the videogame Fragile developed by Namco-Bandai exclusively on the Nintendo Wii. I was wrong when I described it as a "dungeon-crawler", in fact the correct term is, according to the press release, a "ruin exploration role-playing game". I'm asking myself seriously if the goal of the game is to find a water source using this wooden stick".

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wiizy3837d ago

yes indeed..keep the games coming namco

Darkiewonder3836d ago

Does a harry potter. lawlz.

man, first time i saw a game really uses a stick and flash light for a "role player" game.

AllroundGamer3836d ago

lol good that i sold my Wii last month, this is probably another mediocre game... how will the upgrades in this game be? "you have upgraded your stick to a pointed stick, now you can collect garbage from the ruins!" :D

Devr3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Man this looks awesome. That is just terrific art design. I have no idea what you do in this game, but I know I'm gonna buy it.

Edit: Oh yeah, PLEASE let the flashlight be controlled by the Wiimote pointer.

Rooftrellen3836d ago

I agree, it looks great, but I'll wait to know a little more first.

I wouldn't buy a game about a pear rolling down stairs just because it looks nice.

ShadoWulf3835d ago

I dunno, I think that's an under-explored genre. There's some capacity for innovation there, I think.

Rooftrellen3835d ago

I think it will be at least ok, but, as of now, I refuse to get my hopes up.