Battlefield 3 Review: A Great game let down by EA [HeavyEggs]

When a 5.56mm NATO round impacts at high velocity and yaws in tissue, fragmentation creates a rapid transfer of energy which can result in dramatic wounding effects. Remember this because that’s what parts of Battlefield 3 feel like. But the rest of it is without a doubt, is the most amazing, visceral and incredibly fun experience I’ve had in any modern shooter. The entire audiovisual experience is something beyond what normal games can achieve, to find a worthy comparative you have to look beyond our beloved medium: we have to venture into the world of film. There are so many parts in the game, set pieces and battles alike, that fit just right in a film like Hurt Locker or Black Hawk Down and not because of amazing narrative or a great story, Battlefield 3 doesn’t have either of those, it just has raw action; explosions, bullets zinging, marines yelling and tank engines rumbling.

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Abriael2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

Calling a game "let down" because it uses another launch platform as opposed to the one you like is a tad lame.

Everyone likes steam, but you know, competition tends to be a good thing in any market. The gaming market is no exception.
Maybe it's time to judge games on their own merits, instead of complaining because they aren't on saint Steam. Origin is obviously here to stay, and Steam users will actually benefit from that because a solid competitor with a solid budget behind it will force Valve to step up their game (actually already forced them to do so, with the improvements to patch download and content delivery).

Also, please, really, re-read your articles before posting them.

heavyeggs2364d ago

But when that launch platform actually prevents you from playing that game due to connection issues and multiple crashes, it hinders the experience. Also Steam already has plenty of competition from things like direct2drive and Amazon digital downloads. but you do make a fair point, competition is always healthy. Sorry about any mistakes in the article, if you can point them out to me and I'll rectify immediately!

NuclearDuke2364d ago

I'm sorry, but you are totally off limits to complaint about this article when your facts are completely wrong.

Steam is a necessity to play games purchased on Steam, however they have never prevented me from playing. Origin has errors in both installing, downloading and playing the games purchased on the platform. Steam has neither. I can always download, install & play games I purchased on Steam, which does not seem to be the case with Origin.

EA has every right to create their own Digital Platform to distribute games, but when you launch such a project, atleast have the professionalism to see that it actually works, especially with a launch like Battlefield 3 which has set aim to conquer the FPS scene, which was bloody murdered by EA this year.

papashango2363d ago

Agreed with duke. I can count on one hand the number of times steam has given me problems.

With origin and battlelog im always having to restart, re-create parties and alt-f4 all the time because people couldn't get in or crashed.

InNomeDiDio2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

look at this, german amazon user reviews for this game:

more than 2000 1-stars

SnakeCQC2364d ago

wow its crazy google translate came in handy and all of them hated origin. Heres what one person said
"It is sad to me is the boxed collection of the long-awaited order BF3. Just as it lies before it will probably also be returned. All the other reviews have already been to all the action from Origin and EA said it and sentenced accordingly. The victim DICE will probably be as well the actual developer of the best multiplayer shooter current time. Besides the technical teething problems which in the BF series are probably even more iconic than problematic, it is the Spywerk-accessory which has led us to the difficult, but probably actually reasonable and unanimous decision: to BF3 not participate. This one here's privacy, together with computer to write about EA is one thing. An additional vulnerability purchased the other. Reasonable Internet surfers cascade their firewalls (. Soft-u-hardware), virus, rootkit hunter and process behavior researchers install even the slightest misbehavior of their installation to nip in the bud - just now to install the largest publisher backdoor and also to accept or writing? No way. schonmal And if you're on the computer itself, is the step in the analysis along with other household computers Home Server is no longer so far. The potential for the analysis of the most private information is there. No thank you. The scandals Sony having shown how secure sensitive data are handled in such companies (credit card information, addresses). It does not matter what legal basis for client-related information to comply with by a professional group we should simply expect a careful handling of these data, data are not interested third parties. How cheeky here Origin occurs and the data with the blackmailing of the "problem gamblers" permission rises, is beispielslos. Origin will contribute to hopefully not only economically as a result of the boycott paragraph a consequence. All the usual consequence paragraphs surrounding hardware (new graphics card, new CPU, headsets, gamers, mice, etc.) will probably remain so even under the expectations . Actually, should in addition to the controversial FSC also be slow to examine the title with a privacy organization, which gives the less experienced users more transparency in the dealings of data mining in the background and possibly in violation of the Federal Data Protection Act, the companies / distributors occurs on the feet. Maybe it would also be times to ask for at the time with reference to the disclosure of information required in EA previously collected electronically stored data. EA has the confidence of the BF supporters violently put to the test, one of the most promising title has been compromised. Even if the EULA and the terms and conditions now be improved textual, who trusts that the "malicious code" is removed? The "backdoor" to be closed permanently. If that's too much hysteria, is the answer to the question how he feels very good, if just someone in his comes home and inspect all lockers, cataloged, accompanied the person over a period of at least half a year as its shadow, and studied the behavior listed, and at the end of everything as fact sheet / profile published anywhere. What goes on or not? It's called mW and privacy. nich by Do not let the "I-must-must-have" blind factor and remains suspicious. I'm not saying hands off, it's all his free decision (yet). We have our own, weighing the risks and the absolute non-consent and commitment to this form of data collection made."

papashango2363d ago

What's the tldr version?

SnakeCQC2364d ago

I think steam would have been better its the less intrusive, more subtle drm.

gazgriff2k122363d ago

i dont know how people can call activision while ea are still in the game for me ea and microsoft are the worst peeny pinches in the industry. p.s go valve slow as hell but not out to rip you off long live valve

Szarky2363d ago

I'm starting to hate EA more and more.