Battlefield 3 Review [] "Imagine this – you're 500 feet off the desert ground, the roaring engines and whirls of a transport heli renders the kickback of small arms fire barely audible as rounds are fired out the side at an enemy chopper chasing slightly below in a futile attempt to distract the pilot with suppressive fire; lock-on warnings blaring under the breath of rotors when suddenly an allied jet collides with the enemy chopper at high speeds, sending the two aircraft spiralling down in pillars of fire with debris flying in all directions."

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Hardedge2574d ago

Multiplayer's where the action's at, not sure what DICE were trying to achieve with the single player.

mephman2574d ago

Yea, seems very odd. Multiplayer was always the focus, but it seems they just used the single player as a way to hype the game up.

iamnsuperman2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Yer I am not sure what the thinking was. I am assuming it was just to tick the boxes. I had a feeling the story wouldn't be that great. Thing about DICE is that they haven't mastered single player. The best battlefield story/single player was the first BC because it had a sense of humour (wasn't exceptional but best in the series). They then decided to completely ignore this is the second one. I just hope if they do another BC they bring it back to the humour. Its hard to write a serious but action movie type of game.