Xbox Live five years on - what's next?

Microsoft's Xbox Live has come a long way since it launched in November of 2002. Xbox Live started out as a multiplayer gaming network, but today the 8 million users with Live accounts do much more than just play games. Users can download movies and television shows, chat with friends, and more. Even Microsoft now describes the service as a "comprehensive unified online entertainment network". Marketing-speak at its finest, but it's true - Xbox Live is a key component of Microsoft's connected entertainment vision. In this article last100 looks at the state of Xbox Live today, and explore some of the ways Microsoft will likely enhance it in the future.

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mikeslemonade3922d ago

Give me the enhancement that makes xbox live free or even make it $20. It's much easier to swallow $20 than $50 because I could have bought a full blown game with that. Over a 5 year span that's $250 I could have bought the Wii with that much money or 5 games.

Close_Second3922d ago want to play on-line. If you want to play on-line for free then do so on a PC or PS3. I'm sick of hearing people complain about it not being free when $50 p/a is nothing to most who have a 360 and broadband connection. I also especially hate it when people consolidate the cost of 5 years of Xbox Live gaming and comparing it to buying something else, i.e. a Wii. For f**k sake, if you didn't pay for the cost of broadband for 5 years perhaps you could go on a holiday or buy that new TV.

tudors3922d ago

Xbox-live is a fantastic service, once the movie downloads are available in the UK my Sky subscription is done; and that will save me £27.00 per month.

gta_cb3922d ago

you have a point, when IPTV is released i would really like to compare it to the quality of Sky, and it should be better as i dont have SkyHD and IPTV offers HD channels without having to buy a new box, on the other hand i dont think it will compete with Sky for a couple years... what do you guys think?