Naughty Dog: Fans will go "ballistic" for Uncharted 3 DLC

Naughty Dog is teasing some interesting downloadable content for action adventure Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception due to hit shelves next week.

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Trainz2334d ago

I'm really hating dlc right now >:(
I either have to choose to wait a year and get the full game or buy it on release and get to play online.

Iroquois_Pliskin2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

Why? Naughty Dog might just get the DLC right. In ND we trust.

Still, ND said before that they wont do any SP DLC. However, im still curious with what they´ll come up with.

MidnytRain2334d ago

I hope above all else that they give us some Co-op Adventure DLC. Though I wasn't so fond of the co-op in UC3 (I loved it in UC2) I would still like to see it. There was a rumor a while back that ND was going to release Co-op Adventure DLC for UC2, but it never happened.

Rainstorm812334d ago

I think they are planing co-op DLC.... i think it says so on the Fortune Hunter download on the PSN store

Canary2334d ago

No single-player DLC = no purchase from me.

And if they did do SP stuff, it'd have to be REALLY meaty.

CommonSense2334d ago Show
MaxXAttaxX2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

There's no confirmation whatsoever that there's any DLC already on the disc.

$15? What is the Call of Duty? LOL
In Uncharted 2 you got new maps, characters and a new game mode + added trophies bundled for about $5.

Also, Naughty Dog said that there would be no single-player DLC, meaning they're giving us the whole experience and din't leave any offline content out.

Fans of the game will enjoy a good deal, while haters like you will be hating no matter what.

inveni02334d ago

My MP heart lies with co-op. If they can give some awesome split-screen co-op, I'll bite.

papashango2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

Lol you guys had in coming. They see you guys as monkeys going bananas to give them more money for next to no effort

It's sad to see how pathetic this new generation of gamers is. I miss generation x.

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Rainstorm812334d ago

I may just pick up that fortune hunter pack so i can get all the DLC for 25$....

Bull5hifT2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

Id like some more Single Player Missions, even if it what was Sully or Elena doing during Drakes Adventure that would tie together the story

GarandShooter2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

@ Bull5hifT

That assumes all planned DLC will be completed, tested, etc., at the same time as the game launches.

Don't know how realistic that is.

Edit: Nice stealth edit there, friend.

showtimefolks2334d ago

but i would love to see some single player DLC where the story is 3-5hrs long for 9.99

some back story would be nice

paybackprahl2334d ago


We'll see whether it's appropriate or not. I like the closed nature of the Uncharted stories.

milohighclub2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

They won't do single player dlc cos they would have do mocap which means they would have it before release then people would complain it wasn't on disk!

iamnsuperman2334d ago

I am expecting more dynamic maps for DLC. Maybe making current ones have this feature and new ones.

LOGICWINS2334d ago

Don't understand why all of a sudden devs think that saying a game will have a TON of DLC is a good promotion tool.

THQ did it with Saints Row: The Third as well.

What makes them think that its a good thing to tell gamers that they will have to spend more money if they want more content? Your basically encouraging people to wait for the GOTY edition.

Trainz2334d ago

I'm officially never buying another game until a year after its release from here on in.
Patience is a virtue XP

miyamoto2334d ago

Yeah. I love UC2 to thw max but I got burned when they released the GOTY edition and the. Dual pack. so yeah I will wait fpr the unchated Trilogy edition. with all the DLCs bundled in. yeah!

DA_SHREDDER2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

The only game not worth waiting for is COD, not that because it's good (though imo I think its one of the best shooters out), but because the price doesn't drop until a year later, and then its still around the $50 dollar mark. Waiting a year later to save 10 bucks is worth the wait. As for every other game, like Battlefield, Resistance, Uncharted, Killzone, ect..... all are worth waiting for till they drop by at least half price. Even their dlc drops in price.

Edit: Agreed Secluded bubbles. Waitng for Skyrim is gonna be hard, but worth it in the end. You know the game is gonna get the fallout treatment, with the GOTY edition and all the dlc for around 30 bucks less than a year from now.

GarandShooter2334d ago

Some frugally minded people may think that way, folks enthusiastic about the game may love to hear of the continued support.

Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too. For example, I bought Fallout 3 on release. Then I bought the GOTY Edition for $19.99 new, later down the road. $50.00 worth of DLC for $20.00. Love that cake!

Mr Tretton2334d ago

This is why I'm waiting til next year for Skyrim. When I can get a GOTY version with all expansions and less bugs. I'll be playing The Witcher games til then.

SecludedBubbles2334d ago

I think it's the smart thing to do but i can't wait a year for skyrim!

zero_gamer2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

"Don't understand why all of a sudden devs think that saying a game will have a TON of DLC is a good promotion tool."

Because gamers nowadays are no longer gamers. Gamers are idiot marketing drones that would spend as much money as they can on a single game with little questioning of the value. These "gamers" are the new target audience for the industry. The smart consumers that actually question the value of games are now irrelevant. That is why games nowadays are linear cookie-cutter first and third person shooters that have little originality, it's all about the mass appeal and sales. It's really sad.

nycredude2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

OR gamers are excited about a gmae they love and welcome additional content to play in the future.

It's cheap, broker, troll of gamers like you this gen that thinks everything is owed them that is so annoying. If you don't like the game or the dlc then just stay away. We have enough negative nancies and debbie downers already. Go peruse a site or thread that interest you and leave the people who care alone to enjoy spending their hard earned moeny the way they like without some internet jerk judging them.

So it's sad that millions of people enjoy something you clearly don't? I think it is more sad that "gamers" like you exist, and that you have agrees.

According to you 5 Million people who bought UC2 and the 23 million people who bought MW2 are "idiots" and "drones" because YOU and the seven people who agreed with you thinks so. LOL

achmetha2334d ago

because people want to play their games more with new content and not wait years for a sequel ...that makes them NOT gamers? what the hell planet do you live on dude?

uncharted doesnt need dlc nor does gears 3..but the fact that its there is icing on the cake. u dont have to buy it...but you are an idiot to call any game missing value because theyre adding to it.

go play your old games and stop bitching. you sound like a grandpa dude

milohighclub2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )


Bravo! Well said! I was just thinking the same thing when I read his comment n was gonna post but you were spot on. I work hard in a job I hate and have a Passion for gaming so if I and millions of others in my position want to spend our money on something that gives us so much please why wouldn't we?

Bubbs up.

Also @ people saying there gonna wait a year to play these games that they love for the sake of 20quid, it doesn't make sense! Why do that to your self.

Zero, nycredude just owned u so hard.

zero_gamer2334d ago

"Zero, nycredude just owned u so hard."

Except I don't take comments on Internet sites with no meaning in the real world seriously, especially comments with spelling errors like gmae. Special thanks to nycredude for the sloppy attempt at owning some random elitist prick behind a computer screen. That was somewhat entertaining.

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GoldenPheasant2334d ago

Don't usually agree with you, but you hit the nail on the head with this one.

Ddouble2334d ago


Dev's need to know when to announce DLC. Gran Turismo 5 and Marvel vs Capcom 3 were slaughtered for not having dlc in time and on the other hand people also got mad when they thought Jill and Shuma were already on the disk for Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Just say you have plans and then a month or two after the game start talking about DLC.

BakedGoods2334d ago

Oh LOGIC, still harping about DLC?

If your conclusion is so pragmatic and reasonable how come you can't justify it on industry/economic grounds? Maybe because the DLC model is relevant to the gaming industry of today, just some can't come to gripes it with it.

ZBlacktt2334d ago

Boy gamers of today are some spoiled brats who complain about everything. Like Dev's work for free. Like anyone has any idea all the hours that go into a project. Having dev's speak of DLC means good news. That the life of the game will go on past the game itself. Something to look forward too. If people want to be cheap and complain. Then go get a job or for many, bug your parents more.

achmetha2334d ago

maybe the issue is the goty editions and not dlc itself. people who actually like a game will put forth the $ to support it.

its like buying desserts at a restaurant...u got your full course meal..if u want more get a dessert...if u dont like dessert...THAN DONT BUY IT. its for your one is forcing u to buy anything but the main event.

MaxXAttaxX2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

You expected a ton of extra content to be free?
Most fans of the series(or any series) won't wait for the GOTY 1+ year later if they've been waiting to get their hands on the game soon.

We already know that there will be no single-player/offline DLC, which means that Naughty Dog gave us the whole experience and didn't leave anything out.

Most people(fans) are actually excited to see what cool content they'll come up with later for MP.

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JimboG2334d ago

More Uncharted, the better.

AntiTroll2334d ago

Survival mode with the cursed Spanish from U:DF please.

TheMrMadzen2334d ago

Unless it's campaign DLC or some new awesome multiplayer mode, I'm not really that excited

MidnytRain2334d ago

Me, too. Not trying to knock ND, but I've regretted buying almost every map pack I've ever bought for every game I bought it for. I usually end up not liking them because they go in a very different direction than the on-disc maps, like they were designed by a different team or something. I DID enjoy the Seige expansion though, even if it was just a variation of Survival.