LOVEFiLM expects Creed to top its game rentals, sales

LOVEFiLM, Europe's number one online DVD rental service, expects Assassin's Creed to top sales and rentals this holiday season.

"Assassins Creed will definitely be up there; our audience have already heavily pre-ordered this and the sure scale of the experience is very cinematic, so will prove popular amongst film fans," Chris Bird, head of marketing services for LOVEFiLM, told

"Kane and Lynch will also do well, as will Call of Duty 4. FIFA 08 and PES will also be 'must buy' for anyone getting a new console over Christmas."

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MK_Red3838d ago

Hope they're right. Assassins definitly deserves to be a best-seller.

picker3323837d ago

You forgot a /sarcasm in the end.