Research on Carbon Nanotubes Brings FED-TVs Closer

Rumored to be the next step in flat panel displays, FED-TVs may become an affordable reality, thanks to research on carbon nanotubes.Though the technology has been around for many years, Field Emission Display (FED) televisions are not something the common consumer would probably know about.

While FED-TVs promise to be the next generation of HDTV displays, brighter and more efficient than plasma, more reliable than LCD, and much less bulky than CRT, the high cost of production has kept the technology from reaching the consumer. Enter our friend, the carbon nanotube.

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Jinxstar3803d ago

Cool Article. Hope they can do it... What does it have to do with gaming though? Far as I know this is not a tech website but a game one... No offense but its not game news.

Jandre023803d ago there anything they cant use nanotubes for nowadays though? That space elevator thing sounds pretty cool though.

And i guess anything about HD involves gaming now.

pilotpistolpete3803d ago

yeah no kidding, they can even cure cancer!

dukajoe3803d ago

Afordable nanotubes? Lets get out of the early R&D phase before we call a tech that is currently last in line of new display tech affordable. There is already an OLED tv in production, so I would stick with the tech that I have already seen a produced example of.