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Gamers are a story-starved lot. Case in point: the success of 2009’s Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Its zippy storyline and witty, conflicted characters proved potent enough to make gamers forgive what were, even then, outdated gameplay mechanics.



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disturbing_flame2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )


Actually if he played the game he would know that this game is harder than Gears of War 3, a game they gave an A. A game where you play less and is harder, really ? Not.
This is just click oriented and very short and poor review...

I've finished U3 so i can tell; this review is clearly not realiable and actually is this really a review ? It looks like they just wanted to destroy U3 before playing it.

Really sad to see such hatred, anyway it's internet.

People who will play the game are going to understand how much this review is funny.

xPhearR3dx2118d ago

Who are you to say which game is harder? It's all about the person who's playing. Some find Uncharted easier, some find Gears easier. Depends on how good you are at each game.

Shanks2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

I really don't understand this, it's the same reviewer that gave Uncharted 2 an A (perfect score). And now he's giving Uncharted 3 a C? I'm currently half way through Uncharted 3 and I can safely say that it's the best game i've played this gen and I didn't even finish it yet. The ship graveyard level was simply breathtaking.

disturbing_flame2118d ago

I've played both games so i can tell.

Gears 3 is really easier than Gears 1 or 2.

Uncharted 3 is by far harder than U2 and the game is harder than Gears 3. It's not the quality of the player that can tell you this, it's just facts.

This review is saying that we don't play so much in U3 whereas the gunfights are clearly rising till the end to a great climax, and if we compare to other AAA games like gears 3 we can say that U3 is harder, it's a bit strange for a game that you "only watch".

Anyway if people found Gears 3 hard, i can't say to them it is not, i would just ask them if they played gears 1 & 2.

xPhearR3dx2118d ago


Just because you've played both doesn't make your opinion a fact.

If I completely sucked ass at Gears of War 3 and was amazing at Uncharted 3, which game do you think is going to be harder? Some people find Demon's Souls harder than Dark Souls. I couldn't get anywhere in Demon's Souls, but I think Dark Souls is easy as hell.

A games difficulty isn't a fact, it's an opinion based on the player.

kaveti66162118d ago

"Uncharted 3 is by far harder than U2 and the game is harder than Gears 3. It's not the quality of the player that can tell you this, it's just facts."

"it's just facts"


No, it's not a fact. And the sooner you learned the difference, the better off you'll be in life.

nix2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

for your pathetic attempt to get hits, i give you C/A.

*clicks on " +"
*Story Quality - WTF?*
*Like this website - NO*


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da_2pacalypse2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

seems legit lol (sarcasm)

IrishAssa2118d ago

Uncharted games are harder than Gears ones Imo. Single player wise. Multi it depends on the player

gamingdroid2118d ago Show
Dee_912118d ago

Dont give them hit
I posted the Whole article below
so you can read that instead of feeding those trolls.

sjaakiejj2118d ago


While I agree with the point you're trying to convey, Fact and Opinion are _not_ mutually exclusive. The fact that they can overlap (e.g. your opinion might be that a person is very tall, and if he's 8 feet tall, then he's also tall by fact) means that they're not mutually exclusive at all.

DatNJDom812118d ago

Haters gonna hate. This was expected. Nothing to see here move along.

come_at_me_bro2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

Wow is this really what this site is coming to? Semantic debates and objective/subjective arguments over game difficulty and descriptions of HEIGHT?

I clicked this review to see if there was a possible counterargument to Uncharted 3's hype. It's always stimulating when someone offers a valid opposing opinion to a critical darling. The keyword there is VALID of course. This review is just gutter trash.

In the first paragraph this guy establishes some sort of condescending dichotomy that only stupid people (annoyingly generalized to just "gamers") liked Uncharted 2 and smart ones saw right through its "illusion". If you're going to write something so utterly idiotic, at least back it up with more content than a thirteen year old girl's livejournal entry.

badz1492118d ago

instant fail right there! could they just PLEASE post a link of ANY review for Uncharted 2 where people complain about this *OUTDATED* thing?

I bet if they do, it stinks because they pulled it straight from their asses!

if outdated gameplay mechanics is what you're after, go look for RE5 for example, not trolling Uncharted 3 damn it!

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nycredude2118d ago

Rhear and Kave

Please guys disturbing flame said that he played both games already, and unless he is lyinig or both of you have finished both games also, I would say he would know more about which game is harder than both of you. So unless you both played both games, which I assume you haven't, please just leave.

Kurt Russell2118d ago

When a review is so far removed from other reviews of the same subject, I tend to assume it is a poor review :/

xer02118d ago

I'm going vote down this site... seeing as it's clearly fishing for hits.

Boody-Bandit2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

The saddest part is people always use metacritic as a point of reference yet they cherry pick what reviews they allow into their average. Meta couldn't add this horrid review fast enough to UC3 overall score. There have been dozen of better written reviews than this garbage and meta turns a blind eye to those sources.

Metacritic is worse than this trash review. I am calling it a trash review because it has next to no substance, non informative and read like a fanboy rant looking to entice people to give them attention.

Well they have succeeded at that and only that.
Anyone that agrees with this review is just a hater and nothing more. What a waste of bandwidth and a slap in the face of a developer like Naughty Dog that is one of the few left that put so much time, money and thought into their craft instead of relying on rehashing low budget projects and placing their real efforts into marketing and PR departments.

If garbage like this becomes accepted in this industry all are going to start taking the easy way out and we will be left with nothing but rinse and repeat titles with no innovation or ingenuity.

Personally I will always choose quality over PR and marketing. These devs and publishers have to earn my money or else it's Gamefly. UC3 is a 1st day must buy no brainer for me.

Oh and as far as Gears 3... I didn't play UC3 yet but I will tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt Gears 3 was the easiest one in the series so far. I played it on hardcore out of the gate and I was shocked and how I blew through it. Epic went on record saying they were making it easier for the masses so I don't know why this point is even being argued.

Check my profile for those that think I haven't played it. XBL - BoodyBandit

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miyamoto2118d ago

dont feed these trolls & their sites. we have better things to do & spend our time play and enjoy games like Uncharted 3.

axerated2118d ago

Guess that 'controversial' eurogamer review isn't such big news anymore..
Step aside eurogamer, there's a new 'controversial' review in town...

gamingdroid2118d ago

I find it ironic though, because people will go in and disagree only to have the story get even more heated so more people look at it.

Philoctetes2118d ago

"Outdated gameplay mechanics" in Uncharte 2? Really? Well, that tells me everything I need to know about the AV Club and how much weight I should put on their opinion.

Not giving this one a hit. Sorry.

artynerd2118d ago

Gotta say, I have to agree with AV Club on this.

SOOOOOOOOO many gamers will forgive a GAME of horrendous GAMEPLAY as long as the graphics and sound are top-notch. This isn't a film, this is a GAME. How does it PLAY?

I know most people here will disagree, but strip away the gorgeous visuals and outstanding sound and voicework and what kind of GAME is Uncharted? Mediocre at best - dated gameplay mechanics, puzzles that solve themselves, terrible hit detection, extremely linear, and completely retarded AI.

Don't get me wrong, considering how great Uncharted 2 looked and sounded, I still enjoyed the game, but graphics have come A LONG WAY since Uncharted 2. Heck, Arkham City looks quite a bit better than UC2 but you can actually freely roam around the city, unlike the extremely linear levels of Uncharted 2.

MsclMexican2118d ago ShowReplies(6)
Kran2118d ago

Obviously the wrong kind ;P People are only gonna troll him.

Jamzluminati2118d ago

Trolling ain't easy but some people get away with it. Like me.

TKCMuzzer2118d ago

Your bubbles would indicate otherwise.

Jamzluminati2118d ago

ROFLMFAO!!!! If I had one bubble it would make more sense. Try harder.

Motorola2118d ago

Try replying right now. See? He just unknowingly trolled YOU.

Dante1122118d ago

Damn, AVC just trolled PS3 owners hard. A C is like a 5/10 on metacritic lol.

iamnsuperman2118d ago

Metacritic gives some reviews more weight. Lets hope they read the review. This review shouldn;t be counted purely because it is very brief and not very explanatory and also misses out half of the product.

rob60212118d ago

I noticed this, AVclub has an unusual amount of weight on metacritic when they score something in the B-F range.
FF13 has a 42 on meta from them for a C-.. ? It seems there's a disconnect from them thinking what a 'C' should be, and what the rest of the media thinks is a C. For something like metacritic you need as much consistency as possible, and AVclub really doesn't belong there, until they fix what A-F equal.

Parapraxis2118d ago

Dont forget to hit the "+" next to up top, give their site feedback, if were lucky they will get filtered out which in the end means less hits for them.

Score aside, this is a painfully bad score, and for that I cast scorn on the site.

Boody-Bandit2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

That "+" at the top of the articles hold no weight with N4G owners and moderators. If it did sites like VGChartz would've been filtered long ago. Do you know how many N4G members claimed they were hitting that "+" yet their articles still remain.

If anything N4G uses that to further fuel this site. This "review" from AVClub isn't even a review. It's just a couple of random paragraphs yet it's not only allowed here but factored into metacritics overall average. What a joke. I put zero weight into almost any gaming site on the net today. All of them troll to some degree but this is down right rancid.