Spong Interviews Beowulf Associate Game Director, Alexander Remy

Spong writes:

"Ubisoft's Beowulf graces game store shelves this month, billed as an innovative and ground-breaking 'Hack and Lead' game, tying in with the Hollywood blocksbuster movie starring Angelina Jolie and Ray Winstone. SPOnG caught up with Alexander Remy, Associate Game Director on Beowulf.

The game uses the third iteration of the YETI engine, originally developed for the Ghost Recon games and the developers have worked very closely with the filmmakers in Hollywood in sharing – among other things - assets, scripts, concept art and voice-over talent.

Can the Beowulf game achieve what Ubisoft claims it should – and stand out head and shoulders above other games on the shelf due to its gameplay alone? Or will it be dismissed by gamers as yet another Hollywood merchandising cash-in? Only time will tell. Read on to find out what Alexander Remy had to tell us about his latest baby at a Beowulf preview event recently."

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