New Video Game Releases: Oct. 31 – Nov. 5 (Uncharted 3 Edition)

RipTen: Halloween falls upon this release week but you would hardly know by its offerings, unless your favored idea of a costume includes a treasure seeking adventurer, a British super spy, a medieval fantasy warrior, or a redneck hunter.

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xPhearR3dx2369d ago

Nothing for me this week. Can't wait to pick up Skyrim next week though.

S_C2369d ago

Uncharted 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!! . I am seriously contemplating buying a ps3 again for this game. i love the uncharted series but one thing is bugging me. i dont wanna buy a 2nd ps3 console only for the next gen to start in 2 years time. What ps3 exclusives are out next year ?(i havent been paying much attention to ps3 news for a while see) .

xPhearR3dx2368d ago

I actually want to get a PS3 again, but honestly only for LBP2.


I know Twisted Metal is next year and Last Guardian, but I could give two shits about LG.

S_C2368d ago

Same here mate, i couldn't give a shit about LG either, but i absolutly love the uncharted series. but i dont wanna buy a console just for one game either as ill be playing MW3, BF3 and nearly everyother multiplat on my xbox. But if i do im trading in my kinect and the shit games ive got for it so atleast i wont be paying full whack for one. Seriously in 2 minds here lol

jaredhart2369d ago

About to play more Uncharted 3 right now.

The game is AWESOME!

fluffydelusions2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

UC3 for me then MW3/Skyrim next week. Oh and I think MGS collection releases same day as least gamestop has it listed as such.

-Mezzo-2369d ago

My UC3 Pre-Oder will arrive on NOV 1, I will certainly get alot of games this month, but i doubt that i'll be playing anything other than UC3 MP.

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