PES 2008 price drops nearly 50% in one month since release

Maxconsole writes:

"Not even a month has passed since PES 2008 was released in the UK and already retailers have slashed the price of the title by as much as 50%. GameStation is offering the title on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms at a price of just £24.99, while GAME is offering it for £20 less than the RRP at £49.99. With no sign of a patch from Konami and the title dropping furiously out of UK sales charts, even these last ditch price cutting attempts will not justify a purchase of this sub standard bug ridden title. Once again, congratulations to Konami for screwing over its loyal fanbase who were early adopters."

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Charlie26883866d ago

With the brilliant work Konami did with PES08 (specially the PS3 version) they should be begging people to take it for free >.<

Its even more brutal when a lot of gaming sites recommend getting Fifa 08 (YES FIFA!) over PES08...has Konami and the PES franchise fallen so low?

more at 6


Evil0Angel3866d ago

it will end this week 25 nov
i am in UK

resistance1003866d ago

Why did someone disagree with him? Its true the offer ends very soon, theres a massive advert for it in the sun aswell showing it.

Gamestation and Game are always doing offers like this

ruibing3866d ago

Though I'm not much of a soccer fan, we do need more alternatives when it comes to these sports franchise. Until EA and Konami gets the performance of their sports game up, I'll stick with the cheaper 2K sports games.

BloodySinner3866d ago

When your game is this crappy...

LOFT3163866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

For kane and lynch and they would only give me £5 store credit for it so i kept it.They said that they had that many returns !!

v1c1ous3866d ago

they will redeem themselves with MGS4


i mean, it's not like Kojima is going to pull an MGS2 and try and "surprise" the fanbase with some existential move to try and force the industry to mature through experimentation using his own game's hype.

hizzy7863866d ago

because a pes game comes out every year and so does a fifa game how much metal gears are they going to be

Chubear3866d ago

..Kojima Productions does. Konami helps publish.

hizzy7863866d ago

i own my first fifa game (fifa o8)and i love it too bits but i was a big fan of pes series on ps2 dont know what happened but fifa is best for everything, licensing and gameplay but the online mode needs to be like the one on pes6

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The story is too old to be commented.