IFPress Review: Uncharted 3 is entertaining, but a little formulaic

IFPress: Uncharted 3 is a very entertaining game. The dialogue zings. The music soars. The puzzles are among the best in the series. The game world is meticulously detailed. And the expanded multiplayer offerings are an absolute joy.

But like a lot of gamers, I assumed development studio Naughty Dog would vault over the incredibly high bar they set with Uncharted 2 and blow all our minds with Uncharted 3. And yet when the end credits roll, it feels like they got so wrapped up in demonstrating their technical prowess that they somehow missed the intangible magic that made each of the previous two games so special.

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BrightFalls762369d ago

I can already see the hate for a review like this but the review seems fair to me. I was one of those who did not like the first entry in the series at all but thought UC2 was overall amazing.

No doubt part 3 is going to be a fantastic adventure and fun ride but at this point you know what to expect. I felt the same way with Gears 3 a lot of "been there, done that". Both great games but 3 is enough.

IrishAssa2369d ago

Yeah I wasn't too keen on the first, the second was a dime though

Jonah_Reese2369d ago

I personally thought the first was a diamond in the rough.

IrishAssa2369d ago

Let me guess, the first was your first good FPS this gen, it was pretty average compared o Gears 1 and uncharted 2 etc. You could shoot through corners and stuff, Naughty Dogs inexperience with Shooters really showed with Uncharted 1.

Laxman2369d ago

I dont actually think Uncharted is an FPS.

kcuthbertson2369d ago

Have you read any of the reviews?

Most reviewers say that what is so great about 3 is that they know what you're expecting and make you think its coming, but then do something you would never expect.

nycredude2369d ago

Not complaining about this but what game, especially a sequel, ISN'T formulaic? I am playing Batman AC, and it's JUST like Batman AA, but it doesn't make the game any less awesome.

TheBlackMask2369d ago

"but a little formulaic"

I heard this a few times through the "bad" 8/10 reviews......are people just following the leader here

Yeah and Gears 3 isn't ¬¬

Pintheshadows2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

I could make a list of games that could go on for pages of games that are formulaic.

The fact is nowadays it's the execution that counts. And if a game dare tread of the path they get slain for it.

Oh and 4/5 is a decent score.

smashcrashbash2369d ago

That's just the way things work. Some reviewers will make up anything just to give a lower score to game. Suddenly UC3 is formulaic but Gears games aren't. They are 'the same Gears we know and love'. Its the same crap I always argue with people. Perdect example R and C and Mario. Every R and C game has added new worlds, new weapons, new gadgets, new characters, new story, new ways to play from crystal gathering to gliding to giant Clank to hover bike racing to spherical worlds and yet reviewers are always ready do deduct points for being the same game and yet ever version of Mario is extremely formulaic and yet gets perfect score with none deducted for same story, same worlds, same everything.

You see that's how scores work. When you NEED to find something wrong its easy. You pull out the 'lack of originality' card or the 'almost exactly the same game' card or ' the plot hole story card' or the 'not enough like the last game card'. I have come to the realization that all games are not treated equally.

Virus2012369d ago

Why do you have to bring Gears into this article?

GribbleGrunger2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

'you know what to expect'

so basically you know the story, the locations, the characters, the plot and the puzzles. i'll bet you any money that the next james bond film will be about james bond saving humanity once again and he'll probably have a gadget or two to help, hell, i bet there's stunts in it too... how many films can they make with the same formula? as many as they like because that's what james bond films are there for.

if Uncharted 3 is as good as the PS3 can get then i'm quite happy to keep buying them for the story, plot, character development and puzzles. that's what the gaming industry should be about now, but unfortunately the media just keep wanting the graphics to be better or the gameplay to be different, even though they can't offer up any ideas themselves

even when the graphics get better, what can Uncharted do that's different and wouldn't change what Uncharted supposed to be.. turn it into a FPS perhaps? how about Uncharted volleyball with Drake in tight speedos?

i'm sick of this nonsense. i buy Uncharted games because they are what they are, the same as any other game i buy.

IrishAssa2369d ago

James bond has been put down so many times because it was the same shi* over and over, the new ones are different than brosnans at least.

GribbleGrunger2369d ago

when a formula works you keep it, when it doesn't you either scrap it for a new one or continue to make American comedy sitcoms regardless

news4geeks2369d ago

I like the volleyball idea

GraveLord2369d ago

All games follow a formula.

kaveti66162369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

Yup. They should all be criticized for it.

Biggest2369d ago

That's what I've been saying all along! When I bought Street Fighter 4 I was like:
"Where the hell is my stealth combat? And why can't I fly a jet into a yarn woven basket of flowers? This game is too predictable!"

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