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Battlefield 3 Invincibility Glitch Approaches [God Mode]

This glitch was discovered accidentally. The process was redone, and the glitch was successfully re-created. The glitch allows the player to gain Invincibility, also known as God Mode.

The only way you can die from this glitch is if you get shot by a shotgun, other than that you become immortal, you can survive any other type of bullet, explosive, and melee.

There will be no tutorial released to keep the game safe, however it has been reported to the developers, for a patch (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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WillGuitarGuy  +   1086d ago
I had this happen in the PS3 beta twice. It's happened so much in shooters for me. Either way I hope they do patch this. I wouldn't want people sprinting at me while hip firing like a maniac when I can't do a single thing.
Iroquois_Pliskin  +   1086d ago
DICE, fix it fix it ficks it!

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malol  +   1085d ago
i cant believe the final release is more laggy than the beta
like WOW

how did they manage to do that ??!!

DICE still got alot of work to do
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Brosy  +   1085d ago
Wow they need to fix this ASAP. I would be reporting the hell out of anyone doing this.
mike_d_  +   1085d ago
I know how to do this,if anybody wants it add me on PSN: Filthy__Filipino (2underscores)
rezzah  +   1085d ago
trying to make new "friends"?

it's going to be patched so what's the point.
mike_d_  +   1085d ago
Why not take advantage of it while you can?
Pro_TactX  +   1085d ago
Hopefully you will be reported and your console will be banned from the PSN. People who cheat in online games ruin the experience for everyone else.
FrencFri  +   1086d ago
more glitches from Bugfield!!!!!!
-Alpha  +   1085d ago
Sounds more like a hack.
peowpeow  +   1085d ago
Well he said he won't be telling people how to do it, and reporting it. Chances are it will be fixed.

Now I swear MW2 still has people with unlimited care packages
Heartnet  +   1085d ago
Does it has Invincible people?? ermm Nope :) wonder which one i want.. err

Abso no need to bring up Mw2 at all.. Bubs Down Troll :)
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infamous-butcher  +   1085d ago
Who needs to be invincible in MW2 when you can get a nuke and set it off before anyone has the chance to shoot their gun with the hack.
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Emilio_Estevez  +   1085d ago
MW2 def still has God mode and unlimited ammo/care packages. My wife ended up in a hacked lobby the other day. Dude was destroying everyone and had the name of his website show up on the screen out of nowhere.
peowpeow  +   1085d ago
Looked at FrencFri's comment history before posting. And I was being generous in only mentioning care packages..
BuffMordecai  +   1085d ago
halocursed  +   1086d ago
This isn't a glitch it's a HACK which is basically cheating.
Heartnet  +   1085d ago
Ermm.. He said it was a glitch so.. Maybe its a glitch...

No reason to disbelieve him so... there could also be a hack for this maybe? but might also be a glitch :)

he says he has reported it and managed to recreate it twice.. so sounds like a glitch :) ergo not cheating cause its devs fault for leaving it in there :) and so is a "feature" of BF3 :)
mike_d_  +   1085d ago
It is a glitch!! You can do it in-game which doesnt involve modding the game in any way.I do this glitch and takes about 5 seconds to do.Know the difference between a hack and glitch before you open your mouth!
AntBoogy90  +   1085d ago
God you're annoying lol.
Trenta27  +   1085d ago
Why is everyone complaining? I have yet to find a more then moderate glitch. The only one I have had is my tank falling through he ground. That's it.
demetre72  +   1085d ago
This shit happened to me in a match yesterday BS is what is , and pathetic losers will benefit from it =(
radphil  +   1085d ago
"The only way you can die from this glitch is if you get shot by a shotgun"

"shot by a shotgun"

Well that gives me more of an incentive to continue blasting people point blank with the weapon like i've been doing. :p
GraveLord  +   1085d ago
BuggyField 3.
lugia 4000  +   1085d ago
Better than Repeated Warfare 2.01
Jio  +   1085d ago
Look at all the trolls saying battlefield 3 is a bad game. I haven't experienced extreme glitches like this, just minor clipping or lag, but it's not as buggy as the trolls Claim it is.
AntBoogy90  +   1085d ago
Not everybody receives the same issues.

Don't be so naive.
OmegaGunner  +   1085d ago
First : I hate hackers and cheaters be it on console or PC.

They are nothing but punk kids with no life that ruin popular multiplayer games for the rest of the legit players that are trying to enjoy a fair and competitive game.

Second : Battlefield Bad Company 2 is still a better game.
HSx9  +   1085d ago
As someone who runs a hacking website for exploits on games, I can tell you I'm not a "punk kid", nor am I a "no life" I just play my games differently than you. While you spend an hour playing the game how it's meant to be played, I spend an hour trying to break it, and I report it to the developers, and I usually get paid as a thanks. So if you want to compare my life with yours, I guess we are both "no lifes and punk kids" lol.
ZBlacktt  +   1085d ago
Very true statement as well. It's not the hacker's, glitcher's, lag switcher's, etc's faults at all. It's the dev's who make and police the games issues. We all know online gaming is full of cheater's and issues. This is why I stick with Co-Op and Single player modes 90% of the time, lol. I just don't feel like dealing with all the issues of online. Be it player red bar single lag, lag switcher's, laggy servers, glitcher's, exploiters, boosters, team killers, etc,etc.
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HSx9  +   1084d ago

I am still a casual gamer, however I like getting paid for what I love doing :) and hacking helps me, both play and get payed, and infamy upon "hardcore" gamers, lol. I play most of the time legit, I only dedicate certain time to trying to break the game, not to annoy people, but to prevent people from having bad experiences. I am what you call "white hat", I find these exploits and report them to the developers rather than releasing them and destroying the online aspect. I only release things when the developers ignore me :)
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Jdub895O  +   1085d ago
wow the lighting does look different than the ps3 version.Looks like somebody is going to get an account banned.

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