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Submitted by Habylab 1561d ago | article

What's next for Sony and Microsoft?

aGamingSite writes: 'At 2011's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Nintendo announced their next console, the Wii U, which will be the follow up to the wildly successful Wii. So, what are Microsoft and Sony going to do in response? Will the reveal of the Wii U have hastened their plans for launch, or given them more breathing space?' (Casual games, Microsoft, Nintendo, PS3, Sony, Wii U, Xbox 360)

deus_ex  +   1561d ago
PS4 and Xbox 720 :P
Tanir  +   1561d ago
something that is actually next gen unlike the wii-u which is 5 years too late in the current gen. wtf is going to happen to it when ps4 and 720 come out?
fluffydelusions  +   1561d ago
Well it doesn't look like Wii-U will release as scheduled summer 2012 since it was just confirmed that there will be no new info until next e3 so maybe Nintendo delayed until Sony/MS announce there new console. Who knows really Sony/MS may not even announce a new console next e3.
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iamnsuperman  +   1561d ago
What Microsoft needs to do is get some studios together and some new ips (that are not just for the kinect). It what Sony did after Microsoft bought a lot of third party exclusives to make them either non exclusives/have a small exclusivity window. Also not to have a hardware problem. If another one appears it could damage their next console standing (looking to the future).

Sony need to release something at a lesser price the PS3 was. Also they need to improve some features like the browser (software). People say the PSN isn't great but I think it is ok. Cross game chat (even though I wouldn't use it a lot seem to crave it). Also keep the base PSN free.
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gypsygib  +   1561d ago
I agree with MS needing to stop waisting the games division budget on trying to convince people that Kinect can also satisfy core gamers. Satisfy core gamers by making core games instead.

As a PS360 owner I also agree that Sony needs to improve PSN and add also, their general OS.

PSN is fine, it's free and works well but it doesn't work quite as well as Live in terms of chatting and parties. Really though, all PS3 needs is private/consistent chat so the mikes don't cut out everytime you change games or during loading and it would be just as good as Live for playing MP games - in terms of lag and connecting it already is.

My real problem with PS3 is that everything in the OS requires so many steps. I sometimes buy multiplats on 360 just for the reason that when an achievement unlocks I can press one button to see what it is, on PS3 it's like 6 steps to see the trophy and get back to the game.

Same with messages, on 360 I press the guide button and there it is, on PS3 is takes like 4 steps to get back to game and everything takes longer to load.

I don't know if Sony is waiting till next gen to overhaul the Playstation OS so they can charge for it or if they're just oblivious to it being a minor pain in the a$$ to do simple things, but it's very inefficient compared to 360s OS.
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xPhearR3dx  +   1561d ago
People who say they would never use X Game Chat, clearly never experienced it. If you're playing a game like Dark Souls, why wouldn't you want to be able to talk to your friends and discuss strategic moves or help each other out. It's easy to say you'll never use something that you don't have access to.

EDIT: So basically, you don't have any friends? Make some over PSN. I have about 20 real life friends on mine, the other 80 are all people I play games with here and there that I've never met in my life.
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iamnsuperman  +   1561d ago
Because I do not talk to my friends about that. Also I tend to speak to my friends in person. There are people out there who do not talk tactics with there friends. A lot of my friends really do not play games. I have one who plays as much as me. The rest only play dancing games on my PS3/ never play. I can see it being quite useful but for me I do not see the need.
maniacmayhem  +   1561d ago
cross game/party chat is very useful. there's been many times when i'm playing a different game then my friend(s) and we link up to discuss plans for friday/saturday night.

And there has been times especially for dark souls when i hit up my friends and asked how they got thru a problem.

X game chat is definitely a great feature.
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DaTruth  +   1561d ago
You're so lucky; you have a friend who plays videogames as much as you! 75% of friends on my friends list are really just people I met in a game who never had another game in common with me again!

In other words, I agree! The only reason why I would want xross game chat is so I don't have to hear other people discussing their lives and other people discussing their lives in Chinese while I'm playing online!
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fluffydelusions  +   1561d ago
Problem is MS invested so much into Kinect they will try to get everything they can out of it sadly.
B1663r   1561d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(5)
TOO PAWNED  +   1561d ago
Good stuff. Unlike most of other articles "Why I think PS4 will destroy Xbox 720" and other ta.d titles that make you roll your eyes without reading them.
Habylab  +   1561d ago
Glad you agree!
Raven_Nomad  +   1561d ago
Well I think we'll see more on the next Xbox console at E3 next year. Wouldn't be surprised in the least if it launched Holiday season next year.
fluffydelusions  +   1561d ago
Why would they launch a new xbox when they are launching halo 4 for 360 holiday 2012? That wouldn't make much sense.
Pikajew  +   1561d ago
They can do what Nintendo did with Zelda TP and release it on both consoles.
tickticktick  +   1561d ago
LoL fluffydelusions a 360 and 720 launch of Halo 4?
Jappy-k7  +   1561d ago
Sony and Microsoft collaborate and make one next-gen console!
fluffydelusions  +   1561d ago
That wouldn't work and we all know that :)
IAmCornHolio  +   1561d ago
Regardless, you will see even fewer exclusvies next gen than you did this gen...

Sony with year after year losses simply cant afford to keep selling AAA games as loss leaders. Microsoft seems to be exiting the exclusvies business, and concentrating on everything else that makes the xbox great.
DaTruth  +   1561d ago
"Microsoft seems to be exiting the exclusvies business, and concentrating on everything else that makes the xbox great."

You mean the stuff that also makes every other platform great?(multiplats) Selling something others give away for free? I think they call that, not differentiating yourself from your competition!

Sony bought three developers in the last 2 years. Seems they have no intention of continuing with exclusives!/s
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cl1983  +   1560d ago
Only because closed minded people wouldn't let it.
Venox2008  +   1561d ago
I know what will be: super uber graphics & everything else copied from the rivals
Galvanise  +   1561d ago
Imagine if the PS4 controller was like the Wii U controller, but came with a stand you could put in front of your TV. The cameras in the controller could effectively mean that Sony could do Eyetoy/Kinect style games, and if you don't want to do that. . .just use the controller. Would be an excellent way to cover both sides of the market.
Habylab  +   1561d ago
Wasn't there a rumour of a 'tripod' controller in a testing group? I'll try and find it quickly...

BrightFalls76  +   1561d ago
As long as they don't use a gimmicky controller as the basis for their entire console they will be good.
Droid Control  +   1561d ago
I have a horrible feeling that M$ will go softcore next gen while Sony target the hardcore. If this is the case, I will be buying a PS4 day one and i'll leave the 720 and Kinect to the casuals.
TOO PAWNED  +   1561d ago
I doubt that is going to happen. MS knows where their bread and butter is. If anything I think MS will go for PAL market this time. This gen they wanted NA, they have it (vs PS3 at least), now they want Sony land. They got a lot of market share compared to previous gen, one has to admit. I think again it's the key who comes out first. One year head start is too much at this point. Second one is always two steps behind in price and what not.
2v1  +   1561d ago
will see who goes the sega way,if ms go for pal market lot of money is needed to conquer the world, they may leave na unatended .
rattletop  +   1561d ago
Another one of those articles..
cedaridge  +   1561d ago
i just HOPE the next generation of games on ps4/xb720 will elimanate those jaggie lines. psn/xbl: cedaridge
MiyagiSPG  +   1561d ago
I expect a black console, a silver console, and a white console with a different design and upgrades (and new names) :P
BitbyDeath  +   1561d ago
I'm hoping for some VR.
Brettman2008  +   1561d ago

Good points you raise. Sony have been in gaming for a lot longer than Microsoft so I think Microsoft has done well to stay competitive with Sony for this console generation. However, I think Microsoft are too U.S. focussed, this will have to change to get the gains they need in Europe and most other areas outside of North America. I don't think Microsoft will get a head start for the next gen though. Sony have been hurt by the one year Xbox head start so I don't think it will happen again. In my opinion, they will be released late 2013 with the current consoles being supported til about 2015/2016.
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Ares90  +   1561d ago
yabhero  +   1561d ago
I know whats next for sony a casual ps4... one their execs said that
BitbyDeath  +   1561d ago
Sony already does casual games.
yabhero  +   1560d ago
casual gaming system as in ps3 level graphics gimmicky controller etc i love gimmick though, I love the WiiUPad and moton control
BitbyDeath  +   1560d ago
Ahhh, possibly.
I wouldn't mind if they came out with the normal sized controller but had the back touch screen thing that's on the back of the Vita.

I don't want to see any giant controllers with actual screens on them though.

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