Roger Ebert's Hitman Review (Verdict: It's Decent, All Games Still Suck)

Kotaku reports:

"For those who haven't heard, Hitman actually got some decent reviews. OK, maybe not some. Maybe just notably one, from Roger Ebert. In the midst of screening films lusting after precious Academy Awards in full heat, he bestowed upon the movie 3 stars (out of 4.)"

In his review, Ebert reiterates his conviction that video game is not an art form - and will never be; and he praises the movie producer for not consulting or collaborating with the video game makers in making the movie.

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Retro-Virus3922d ago

"Ebert reiterates his conviction that video game is not an art form"

And that comes from a reviewer ? I wonder what qualifies him for such a judgement

riqued3922d ago

He is an idiot, probably never played any game in his life.

HarryEtTubMan3922d ago

No lets be real, Mr. Ebert.... you're upset that even as early as THIS YEAR.. videogames now make more money than movies do... hmmm I doubt a unbiased person would say Uncharedted,Heavenly sword and Ratchet and Resistance and AC are not beginning to play like movies. They really... hes mad videogames are starting to beat movies.

socsca3922d ago

When does art start and when does it begin. I hate this guy, not because he doesn't like video games, its his choice, but for beeing pretentious enough to think HE is anyone to judge what is and what isn't art. My mother owns an art gallery and as such I've had the grace to come in contact with all sorts of art in my life, much of which probably isn't considered worthy of the label ART by dogmatic "thinkers" such as Roger Ebert and I shudder at the thought of guys like him going on and on (and earning money doing it) about what is and what isnt..
Excuse my rant, in short, this guy is an ignorant mothafakka. If you like the game see the movie, no matter what Ebert might make you believe, this movie is the extention of the game.

MK_Red3922d ago

Excellent and bubble worthy comment. Great points about Art, Ebert and the movie. I love the Hitman series and the movie is definitly worthy of the name Hitman.
It's not the best but has the right feel and tone plus great lead as 47 and superb action and kill scenes.

MK_Red3922d ago

And here's my verdict: Movie rules. Ebert still sucks.

Seriously, the movie was awesome. Timothy Olyphant was better than expected and the action was really welldone. Overall it was the best game to movie adaptation so far. It had all bullets, blood and boobs one needs ;)

Silver3603921d ago

The movie didn't dumb it down for the ending. The action was awesome. If there is a sequel I will be there on opening day. As for Roger Egbert remember he wrote Valley of the Dolls a big piece of trash if I ever saw one. And just maybe he is not equipped to understand video games. To modern for him he is stuck in that 60's vision of Andy Warhol tomato soup can paintings as art.

Komrad3922d ago

video games isn't art? its ALL art.. its ILLUSTRATION, GRAPHIC DESIGN , ANIMATION.. WRITING... DIRECTION... which one of those isn't art again, mr ebert? Oh right you wouldn't know where to begin to review a video game... and thats the real answer.

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The story is too old to be commented.