Blu-ray Profiles Explained

With the first Profile 1.1 Blu-ray player hitting store shelves, Hi-Def Digest's Joshua Zyber breaks down and explains what all these "Profiles" really mean for consumers.

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carl ps33837d ago

Hope the PS3 can be updated to 1.1!!!;)

Gothdom3837d ago

it was with firmware 2.0

my question is, ain't the ps3 already a profile 2.0?

cuco333837d ago

PS3 is still at 1.0 profile. It is NOT 1.1 nor 2.0 profile.

It was stated that it will be 1.1 compliant, yet no word on 2.0 yet. Let's not spin more FUD now guys...

This whole profile upgrade by buying new hardware wasn't done on purpose and it probably the biggest achiles heal as I've said countless times. Blu-ray was rushed out to the market faster than HD DVD, but HD DVD made sure that their specs were finalized, meaning ALL players would be capable of everything the spec calls out for. Now if a stand alone offered MORE than what the spec says, fine and dandy. Until Blu-ray is at 2.0profile, it will never be on par with what HD DVD can do.

blackmagic3837d ago

The PS3 meets all the profile 1.1 and profile 2.0 hardware requirements. Although there haven't been any official announcements, I'm sure that it will be possible to update through firmware.

hitthegspot3836d ago

The PS3 almost fits the 1.1 profile but does not fit the 2.0 profile. Speculation is that the PS3 will be able to do 1.1 with software emulation. The problem is that the 40GB PS3 won't do PS2 emulation so there most likely be issues with 1.1 on the 40GB version. I'm not giving a single nickel to Sony until I know for sure, and god forbid that Sony can't get it done. There will be a lot of upset people out there...

blackmagic3836d ago

PS2 emulation has absolutely nothing to do with Blu-ray playback... I'm really not following your comment?

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Guwapo773837d ago

They just shot their most loyal supporters in the ass. The man that wrote the article states it best. "Personally, I find the whole notion of separate hardware Profiles needlessly confusing and not in the best interest of consumers. Whether intentionally designed that way or not, it leaves the impression that the manufacturers are trying to force existing Blu-ray early adopters into upgrading their equipment only a year into the format's life cycle, just to gain some new features that should have been included from the beginning."

Absolutely amazing... I hope they offer some trade in upgrade promotion. But in all I must say I can't wait to play with those new features on the PS3

Cloud Strife3837d ago

i just saw on gameranking that Edge Magazine uk just gave mass effect a 70.

jaja14343837d ago

So go post your flame in one of the other many ME threads. Are you trying to be annoying or does it just come natural to you?

jaja14343837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

2.0 I could really care less about, but the lack of 1.1 disturbs me greatly.

rbanke3837d ago

The thing about this, is most early adopters are going to be among the most educated about their purchase. Meaning they allready knew the offerings were not 1.1 compatible, and therefore alot of them would probably buy a ps3 as its the most likley candidate available today that could be updated to 1.1 and 2.0. This would also invalidate the assumption that ps3 owners do not buy blu-ray movies, which we know allready because blu-ray is far outselling hd-dvd with much less stand alone players.

athlon7703837d ago

The only thing that profile 1.1 has over 1.0 that would be of interest is the PIP. However, I originaly purchased the PS3 to be a BD player as I already had a 360, and doing my research into Blue (Blu-Ray) or Red (HD-DVD), I saw longevity into blue which I did not and still do not see in Red. The PS3 was supposed to be updated to profile 1.1 with firmware 2.0, however I do not think it is in there, however, there is also supposed to be a Divx update coming in December so they may update it at that time. Personaly I have never watched or listened to the directors talk about the movie. And if I did, it was in the special features portion of the disk which WILL still play on a profile 1.0 device! Profile 1.1 only allows those features to play in a small pic during the movie. Big frigg'n deal! Even IF by the smallest of chances that the PS3 will not be updated, the movies will still play, and the features will still play, there just will not be the PIP. If some of you feel that is a deal breaker, thats cool that is your choice, I enjoy my BD greatly and everytime I look at the weeks total sales, I get a big honking smile on my face!

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