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From the article at The first DLC for Kinectimals is out and is dubbed “Kinectimals, Now with Bears”. The DLC is exactly what the name implies: It’s Kinectimals, but then with Bears. This means that instead of playing with cute cats you’ll now instead be playing with cute bears! Unfortunately this also means that aside from the new bears there is not so much new. The DLC adds a new island that is split up into three parts, each with five ‘new’ challenges. I’m saying ‘new’ because some of these are simply recycled parts from the original Kinectimals, just with a slightly different feel to it. When it comes to real new challenges there are a few new things like ‘juggling’, ‘tree climbing’ and ‘fishing’, but none of these are really revolutionary.

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news4geeks2211d ago

lame score for hits, the bears are so cute!

SilentNegotiator2211d ago

123Kinect underscored for hits? That a joke?
They have to convince people that Kinect is fun to get continuous hits/followers; Kinect is only a year old, you know. Making a bunch of slanderous reviews isn't going to accomplish that.

Besides, I'm almost positive that score is for the game itself, not the dlc, as they seem to have just added the dlc review to the end of the original review.

Fez2211d ago

This is 123kinect's relentless bias against anything microsoft. The game alone deserves AT LEAST a 9! With this extra dlc on offer for only 1200 MSP, I don't know how they managed to score it so low?

SilentNegotiator2211d ago

So...Bears, 3 new challenges, and better menu navigation and voice? For 1200 Microsoft Points?!?

Rush2211d ago

Yeah fucking polar bears too problem with that?

Philoctetes2211d ago

Glad to see Kinect is finally catering to the harcore audience.

Bob5702211d ago

No Kinect or Move title will ever deserve more than a 4/10.

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