Bioshock and Enemy Territory 20% Off On Valve's Steam

Steam is having a Black Friday Sale on two games. For a limited time, Bioshock and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars are available via Steam at a 20% discount off their regular price. These two new action releases from 2K and Activision may be purchased from Steam at this special price through Monday, November 26th at 10 am PST.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3833d ago

STEAM is THE program for computer gaming! It takes care of greastest games like COD, HL ETC. Its an online community like the xbl. Spam it is not.

Also. Too bad Quake Wars suck and Bioshock is a download :p

Vip3r3833d ago

Spam: (37 minutes ago)
never heard of steam and it is more like advertising
Reported by: MaximusPrime_


What rocks have you been hiding under for the past several years.

Charlie26883833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

I was like WOW when I read that, thers been at least a couple dozen STEAM related articles here on N4G in the last couple of months plus with the HUGE market penetration of Steam I cant believe some people havent heard from it >.>

Yuprules3833d ago

I actually didn't by Quake Wars yet...but maybe 20% off makes it worth it from Steam (and no Steam is not spam, it's quite a legitimate company).

DethWish3833d ago

Yeah they better! Bioshock was too highly priced earlier :/

jaja14343833d ago

Bah I hated QW. The action was to fast paced and by that I mean everything was pretty much spray and pray. So little actually aiming, which isn't to bad for UT, but for a squad tactics game its just horrible. Now if they merged BF pace and scope with QW deployables then you my friend got your self a game!