The Guys Behind the Rock Band Music

by John Gaudiosi.

The music never stops at Harmonix. Although Rock Band has shipped, not everyone at the 140-person development studio has time to shop for Christmas. With new downloadable songs coming out every week and new albums being readied for digital distribution, the audio team is as rushed now as the rest of Harmonix was during crunch time to get the Rock Band game out to retailers before Thanksgiving.

"We're really busy right now getting as much polish as we can for the download songs that are coming out every week," said Eric Brosius, audio lead, Harmonix. "We're trying to get a bunch of albums for download. There's something really cool about playing an entire album."

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PimpHandHappy3954d ago

funny sh!t right

You know what be cool

If they added videos of the real ppl playing the songs. Kinda like that GT Prolouge TV idea. Maybe then kids would show respect to the music and maybe even learn how to play a real insturment.

I myself play guitar and have been for many years. My fingers know alot of metal. My first Tab book was Master of Puppets and i still have it