The Wii turns one, and Nintendo highlights its mainstream achievements

To celebrate the first anniversary of the Wii, Nintendo has sent out an interesting fact sheet to the Canadian press that shows some of the achievements that the Wii has made in reaching out to the mainstream audience. Some of them were expected, some of them were surprising, and they all prove that gaming, at least for Nintendo, is reaching a whole new level.

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jinn3958d ago

Hahahaha! it hasn't achieved anything.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3957d ago

*points at mainstream music.

There are music listeners who don't know anything about music which monopoly the market and are "normal" aka mainstream

and there are the real music listeners who are pointed out as strange people because they don't like mtv and mainstream bullcrap.

Screw Nintendo for getting gaming into mainstream. We already starting to have utter crap and its getting worse.

Look at the mainstream music its happening the same.

The more mainstream something becomes, the more quality and innovation is lost to cheap and generic material (generalization, but a pretty accurate one).

The state of gaming today makes me sad by comparison to the old days, though hopefully there will still be good games here and there.

Rooftrellen3956d ago

Yeah, mainstream is terrible. It's like movies...who would watch movies made in Hollywood? It's too mainstream!

Then you have food. Eatting food made by big companies is so uncool. If you don't buy food from farms, its too mainstream, and terrible.

Seriously, get over it. If you hate something just because its "mainstream" your going to have a very sad life. I prefer to like things based on if I like them, not if its "mainstream" or not.

Then again, I would say the REAL music listerners are the ones that like what they like and don't like what they don't like. People like you, who avoid the mainstream or the non-mainstream are the ones who aren't real music listeners.

wiizy3956d ago

ok. 14 million systems sold.. and the number 1 spot.. go figure fanboy.

BIoodmask3956d ago

is doing well. I have come to the rationalization that a lot of people who are members of this website are too young to realize what Nintendo has brought to the industry. They pretty much saved console gaming from an early demise after Atari started to go under.

Mario, Zelda, Metroid, hec even Kid Icarus were all pure gaming gold back in the day. And the newest iterations still are. It's kind of funny because everyone counted Nintendo out of the console race after the Gamecube came in third last generation. Doesn't this same mentality mean the PS3 is a failure bc it is in third?

Polygons, textures, normal and bump mapping, AA, CPU power...Are these thinngs really the fundamentals of a great game?? Apparently not bc Super Mario Galaxy is the highest rated game of all time on Metacritic.

Sometimes people just need to put down the Hatorade. Nintendo has brought a lot of great things to the industry. And Shigeru Miyamoto is one of the most renowned and respected developers in gaming today.