10% PCs To Have Blu-Ray and HD DVD Drives Next Year – Panasonic

X-bit Labs - 11/22/2007:

Following the recent price drops of blue laser-based optical disk drives (ODDs), desktop and notebook PCs that incorporate either Blu-ray or HD DVD drive will increase from less than 1% of all PCs in 2007 to 10% in 2008, a Panasonic executive said in an interview with DigiTimes.

Pictured: Masayuki Kozuka, general manager for the Storage Device Business Strategy Office of Matsushita Electric Industrial (Panasonic).

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Guardian0fPeace3958d ago

400$ for a hybrid bluray+hddvd burner is rediculous, should only be like, 100-150$...

jaja14343958d ago

Unless its a burner to the respective type I really don't care. I'm sure some people have large enough monitors or a TV close enough to their computer to output to it, but most don't. So meh. :)

bootsielon3958d ago

But toshiba has a stronghold of the Laptop market. Damn them and their inferior products. Why would I want an HD-DVD burner when I can burn more on a Blu-ray for less cost per GB? Furthermore, I have use for Blu-ray burners... I can play the discs on my PS3. Can't say I will every say the same for HD-DVD. Toshiba should eat crow and start releasing dual format players to 1up everyone.