The New Generation(2): Hideo Kojima on Metal Gear Solid 4

When Metal Gear Solid came out, nearly a decade ago, everyone with a voice and a PlayStation hailed it as the most mature, realistic secret agent simulator ever. What no one seemed to notice is that it contained a ninja cyborg, a vampire, a psychic who can tell that you like to play Castlevania by reading your memory card, and codes that you have to type in from the back of the game packaging.

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Skerj3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Who was the vampire in MGS1? Decoy Octopus, Sniper Wolf, Vulcan Raven? I think they mixed that from 2. That said I'm hoping we get some moments like the first Psycho Mantis fight from MGS1 in 4. I'm talking like using the PS3's bluetooth abilities to mess with player's cell phones and headsets to make us hear voices. Find our PSN logins cached in the systems and send some emails out. Hah that's devious but it'd be awesome if they did. Too bad remote play couldn't turn on a PSP because that'd be freaky too.

Just like Raiden being somewhat of a secret until MGS2's release, I truly think there's something behind "Old Snake" and the Young Snake in the trailer. I can't wait for MGS4!!

rubarb233959d ago

you never know what to expect. i'm holding off my ps3 purchase until this masterpiece comes out.

Skerj3959d ago

A lot of people are, some unknowlingly so. No doubt this game will do for the PS3 what MGS2 did for the PS2. I so can't wait, Kojima is a living legend and very big inspiration for game designers period (certainly is mine). Funny thing is I would have loved if your save got erased on MGS3 if you died, if they added that as a seperate mode I'd have played the game that way.

Gamespot-equals-EGM3959d ago

I admit MGS2 did do a lot for the ps2. But the game that REALLY put the ps2 over the top was Grand Theft Auto 3....that game was an atomic bomb on the industry. Bigger than MGS2.

But yeah, MGS4 will have an positive effect on ps3 sales but I don't think it will have as big an effect as GTA3 had on the ps2.

Mercutio3958d ago

we who already own a ps3 know that everyone( well most) of the people who had a PS3 WILL buy it this coming yr,but xbots and such are always pullin us down, like the PS3 is the new xbox or sumthing.

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Mr_Kuwabara3959d ago

The bosses in all MGS games are by far one of the most thoughtful and well created bosses I've ever played. Sure a cyborg ninja looks wierd in a game with a mature storyline, but they make the game in a way that it doesn't feel wierd to see those supernatural bosses since they always have a background as to why they are who they are in the first place.

Then End for me was by far the best boss battle I've ever played. Nothing better than having a 1 on 1 sniper battle spaning like 3-4 areas with different type of terrains ranging from a river, and mountain terrain using only your sniper rifle and directional mic to hear where on the field The End is. (Most likely sleeping lol)

"This is The End....zzZZ"

fopums3959d ago

Kojimas the man, but Im wondering who is going to make the definitive PS3 game between MGS4 and FFXIII?

Kojima has certainly pulled out all the stops and everything so far looks fantastic, but Nomura is starting to talk a big game with FXIII...

only time will tell, but Im of course going to own both :D

Skerj3959d ago

I don't think there's a PS3 user who doesn't plan on at least getting one of the two. But yeah like you I'm getting both, MGS4 will be something epic though. It's a story that's been in progress for 20 years and it's finally being wrapped up, everyone's making their appearance in this one in some form or another. I'm taking a holiday on its release date.

HarryEtTubMan3959d ago

O man. Thi is in the top 3 of biggest games this generation and at lest the top 5.. I would think top 3... GONNA BE HUGE MAN... I can't wait.

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