CNN Review: Cinematic thriller "Assassin's Creed" hits the mark

Marc Saltzman of Gannett News Service reviews Assassin's Creed for CNN: "If you ever doubted a video game could deliver a movie-like experience, pick up Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed for an adventure so engrossing it should've come with a crowbar to pry yourself away."

Story Highlights:
• Assassin's Creed offers high-definition graphics, dialogue, music soundtrack
• Gamer plays 12th-century assassin named Altair
• Cities such as Jerusalem, Damascus and Acre authentically re-created
• Missions include: assassinating a target, pickpocketing and scaling buildings

Conclusion: "Assassin's Creed is an imaginatively conceived and wonderfully executed single-player adventure that should take a good 10 hours to complete, and more than double that for the optional side missions.

Mature gamers in search of a beautiful, exhilarating piece of interactive entertainment will be more than pleased with this hard-to-put-down adventure."

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MK_Red3532d ago

Great review but as a motion-picture / movie-experience game, I have to go with Mass Effect. Still, both are solid AAA games and deserve the hype and praise.

Danja3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

UMM ok so I finally finished smple question here ppl..did any really grasp what was happening at the end..?

Is Lucy an assassin that Doctor an enemy...??

SabreMan3532d ago

try not to post any spoilers mate, not everyone has completed it

TheExecutive3532d ago

movie-like experience? really? Where was that at? The cutscenes werent all that great, the story was ho-hum, and the missions as repetitive as you can get.

PimpHandHappy3532d ago

after my first 2-3 hours i was kinda bored with it. I went and got Uncharted and beat that game once already. So im about 2 hours into my secound run on Uncharted and i decide to put on AC

This game is really cool. Its more mellow and after uncharted and COD4 i realized i really liked it

8.5 from me

shysun3532d ago

Damn Mixed reviews... I still don't know rather to rent or buy! :(

lawman11083532d ago

$52 bucks with shipping still cheaper then new at the store ,finish it and trade or sell it.

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