MP1st - Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Review: A Masterpiece In a Patch or Two

MP1st - "The scale of Battlefield 3's multiplayer is gigantic; yet, where the game really shines is in the details."

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Criminal2400d ago

The game is fantastic, even with issues I have encountered. Well worthy of the high scores it's getting for its MP. I just hope DICE will patch things up ASAP.

xtremexx2400d ago

i still love it, sometimes i get annoyed, but who doesnt get annoyed with games?

SJPFTW2400d ago

they got to work out those flashlights. its brighter than the effin sun... in broad daylight too.

Mister_V2400d ago

Yeah, i dont mind them being that bright in dark areas, but during the day?

SJPFTW2400d ago

its funnier when your team mate turns a corner blinds you with his flashlight and you go freak out thinking its the enemy

xX-Jak-Xx2399d ago

very fun but i have to say this is not Battlefield !!
they should make a different name for this game like ModernCombat or something else but not battlefield

battlefield is not about urban combat its about BATTLEFIELD

GraveLord2399d ago

So a near perfect score for a buggy game that needs a lot of things patched? No wonder you're not included in Metacritic, MP1st!