Msxbox - Battlefield 3 review

Msxbox-world takes a look at EA's latest military shooter and casts a somewhat critical eye over proceedings.

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RaidensRising2400d ago

I wonder how they will score MW 3.

MariaHelFutura2400d ago

Who cares? This is a BF3 review and BF and COD arent really that similar in the way they approach a shooter. Anyways......

6.5 is waaaaaaay to low for BF3. IMO.

Abriael2400d ago

What I think he means is that this is a rather shameless Microsoft fanboy site, and microsoft fanboys seem rather aligned with MW3 and against BF3, for obvious reasons.

The review looks extremely biased under every point of view in fact.

StraightPath2400d ago

by not even reading it you can tell this is a joke of a review.

TopDudeMan2400d ago

I dunno, the review has lots of nice things to say about it then some little nitpicking things every now and again. I don't actually really think the score they gave it reflects the review they wrote.

Brosy2400d ago

I clicked on it and got about halfway through then quit reading. It's a BS review don't give them the hits they are begging for. I wish I hadn't.

PRHB HYBRiiD2400d ago

lol they will give it a 9.5 for sure

Optical_Matrix2400d ago

Oh dear. As if the anti Sony and Nintendo articles this joke of a site churns out weren't enough already.

Agent-862400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Worst review ever. A 6.5 is an absolute joke, especially when they give the game a 9 for longevity. Oh, its a terrible game, but you'll want to play it for a long, long time. What kind of crap is that? And only a 5 for gameplay?! Only a 7 for sound?! When it is getting universally praise for both from other sites. This reviewer should really find another job. He's no good at his current one.

CynicalVision2400d ago

Yeah, it's called opinion. Clearly he didn't like it but his opinion still matters as much as the rest. There's no need to dismiss it just because you don't like it.

Commander_TK2400d ago

Why are you taking this to heart? It's not like he insulted you personally.

DatNJDom812400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

or did he???? LOL. I kid I kid.

Anyway, its a pro ms site guys lets not get all upset now. we know this site will give mw3 the higher grade. why? the mediazzz made xbox seem like a 360 shooter while battlefield is a PS3/PC shooter. YAY!!! Pick side bitches cause these guys did! YAY videogamezzz mediazzz!

TopDudeMan2400d ago

If you're so good at it, write your own review.

radphil2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

"Yeah, it's called opinion. Clearly he didn't like it but his opinion still matters as much as the rest."

So if I talked to a guy that HATED FPS games with a passion and that person said BF3/MW3 isn't worth it, it matters right?

Let alone there was any consistency in the review.

Pintheshadows2400d ago

"Yeah, it's called opinion. Clearly he didn't like it but his opinion still matters as much as the rest."

Then it doesn't matter to me at all. The only opinion that matters to me is my own. 6.5 is a bit much though and frankly the sound in this game is impeccable. Maybe the reviewers ears are broken or there were two foxes mating outside.

Laxman2400d ago

Battlefield games always have the most amaazing sound in every aspect. Pinacle of what a FPS war game should sound like. That 7 is an insult to DICE.

MostJadedGamer2400d ago

"Worst review ever. A 6.5 is an absolute joke, especially when they give the game a 9 for longevity"

How is that a joke. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a 6.5 game having a 9 longevity. You can put a lot of hours into a game without actually being sastifyed with it.

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Hufandpuf2400d ago

Should i even read this. I mean a 6/10? Really? This game is a 8/10 at the LEAST.

Agent-862400d ago

Exactly! Reviewers who mark their scores way down for the SP campaign just don't understand Battlefield. IT IS A MP GAME! The SP campaign is just a bonus that is there if you want it (or the servers are down). Anyone who buys a BF game for the SP is a fool. Sites that mark it way down for the SP are just as foolish. How can a game that you'll want to play for hundreds of hours only get a score of 6.5?

vinniects2400d ago

I agree 6/10 way to low but some other reviews giving a 9.5/10 are way to high. I think I would agree with 8/10 maybe 9/10 if the campaign was good. It's a good game just a little over hyped in my own opinion.

MostJadedGamer2400d ago

These are the most important reviews to read. Battlefield 3 has got tons of 8's it doesn't help you in anyway to read another one of those.

Goeres2400d ago

Sound got a 7 score? What the fuck? As good as the graphics are the sound is even better.

hilyou2400d ago

wow... u really have outdone ur self msxbox! a 6.5? REALLY? at least a 8!

MostJadedGamer2400d ago

Its good some reviewers can actually think for itself, and not just atuomcailly give a game a 8 or higher because its a hyped up big name game.

hilyou2400d ago

ya but this game is really good, multiplayer is one of the best of all time and campaign is ok. i would give a 7 if battlefield 3 was only rated on campaign. but a 9 or 9.5 on multiplayer.

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