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IGN: The 3DS Drought is Over (So Stop Complaining)

The 3DS has gotten a lot of flak since its trouble-ridden launch this past March. Those seven months have been something of a roller coaster ride for the system, and especially for its early adopters. Given that the 3DS had some serious issues - most notably a hefty price tag, a dismal battery life and a meager software library - a lot of this heat is understandable, and even warranted. (3DS, Nintendo DS)

TheBlackMask  +   1311d ago
I don't think the lack of games was the main problem. In fact it was one of many problems

The 3DS was just not very well planned out overall, the added second analouge stick for example prooves that...it looks stupid and cheap. Something like that should of been there from the start.........lets not forget the ridiculous launch price.

Nintendo are not perfect and people really have got to stop defending them and call them out when they do something wrong. I mean the ONM made it look like Nintendo were being generous to the fans and that's why they lowered the price and gave out the 10 free downloadable games.........but we all know the real reason.
Sobari  +   1311d ago
Even as a big Nintendo fan, I do have to agree. There are so many things Nintendo did with the 3DS that I wish they did differently.

The motion sensors contradict the system and aren't even being used effectively, so including them just contributed to the system's high launch price. There should have been a second analog stick instead of them.

The web browser on the 3DS is also worse than the one on the DSi. At least the DSi browser loaded every web page I threw at it correctly. Literally, the only thing holding the browser back was the DSi's specs, as the only errors I ran into were "not enough memory." The 3DS browser, on the other hand, can hardly render a single page correctly. Nintendo should have stuck with Opera.

The last thing I have a problem with is the eShop, which is an ungodly mess. Your best bet is to only use the "recently added" section, as the categories that everything is divided into are either too vague or too random to be of any real use. It's surprising that Nintendo made it like this, since the Wii Shop Channel is perfect, so they already have the basis for a good online shop.
AWBrawler  +   1311d ago

sorry I was playing Phoenix Wright.

but the eshop is set up better than Wiishop in my opinion. following their categories helped me find some good games, minus that horrible Paul's Monster Adventure crap
Sobari  +   1311d ago

Occasional glimmer of hope ≠ stable consistency.
AWBrawler  +   1311d ago
don't get me wrong, I agree that there was a lot of flaws with the launch, but the eshop isn't one.
Iroquois_Pliskin  +   1311d ago
Its going to be the ps3 scenario all over again...
NewMonday  +   1311d ago
it has must buys for me now, but they are still way off:

Phoenix Wright vs P.Lyton
Crimson Shroud
VampiricDragon  +   1311d ago
Wow a positive nintendo article from ign..............have pigs started flying? Either way its nice to see.

The 3ds is doing very very well now. Better than the ds did in terms of games, sales of both hardware and software at the same point (fact)

dragon quest, ff, monster hunter, mario are all landing on the system soon amongst other things. Then take cover.

Nintendo has a real shot at that 16 million fiscal target which would be higher in the first fiscal year than pretty much any nintendo system ever
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AWBrawler  +   1311d ago
hold on there buddy. what DQ is coming to 3DS?
Ddouble  +   1311d ago
Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime 3
user858621   1311d ago | Trolling | show
pcz   1311d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Ddouble  +   1311d ago
Yea all Nintendo is doomed articles need to be postponed for now. Once we're in January we can start analysing things properly.

If the holiday sales are dissapointing then yea you can say they're in trouble but if not, then it's back to business as usual.

It all begins with Super Mario 3D Land releasing this thursday in Japan. Lets wait and see
AWBrawler  +   1311d ago
dude quit flip flopping. are you for or against 3DS. you argue for it then you bash it then for then bash. There's being critical and having an opinion, but you sometimes plumb hate the thing. is some game kicking your butt and you typed that in anger?
Thepcz  +   1311d ago
Just saying my honest opinion... as always. If people want to call me a troll for it then fine, but i wont water down my opinion just to please others.

and for the record, i have a ds. doesnt get played much, but i have one. but 3ds... no.

im not a fanboy.. actually, anyone who actually frequents the nintendo section will know im a nintnedo fan lol but it seems 3ds users dont like criticism.

oh well
AWBrawler  +   1311d ago
oh so the beef is just with 3DS? cos i know i saw you gushing over Zelda. well honestly I won't be satisfied till I play Kid Icarus on this thing
Thepcz  +   1311d ago
lol i was critical of zelda skyward sword when it was revealed. but since it has been coming close to release all i have been doing is singing its praises ha
Tanir  +   1311d ago
um i will complain because almost a year later the system cost 70$ less then at launch and still has no games, everyone shoulda just waited.

feel bad for my bro who got it to do nothing but chat on it.

ima wait for the dual analog version. then i will get one
axisofweevils  +   1311d ago
Weird article, considering IGN is the site that has been complaining loudest about the 3DS.

Did I just imagine the "Why history proves the 3DS is doomed to fail" articles?
Rockdown  +   1311d ago
Everytime I see what software is available for the Ds I weep. Whatever happens this holiday season, afterwards the 3DS will be seeing another multimonth software drought. That's the Nintendo way.
klecser  +   1311d ago
Resident Evil Revelations and Heroes of Ruin are both releasing first quarter. Those are huge titles.
Tanir  +   1310d ago
i really want RE revalations....but after that game is beat how long till the next game? gah,

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