Final Fantasy XII: A Look Back After Five Years

Chad Awkerman from DualShockers talks about Final Fantasy XII, five years after its release in North America, and what made it such a great game with (mostly) deep character and in unconventional story. Gameplay mechanics and design are also discussed.

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DA_SHREDDER2481d ago

I think the story, gameplay mechanics and design is exactly what killed this game. Nothing stated above is worth looking back to, if anything, I'm trying to forget the mess that FF12 was. Also, FFX-2 (not FF12) makes me wish Square and Enix never merged at all.

Outside_ofthe_Box2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

I loved the gameplay of FF12(except for gambits). FFvs13 looks like it's going with a FF12/Kingdom Hearts type gameplay which is good.

And what's wrong with the design? Is the Open World too much?

The story was meh for me, but the gameplay allowed me to forgive it. FF12 wasn't spectacular, but it wasn't terrible(*ahem* FF13) either. FF 12's battle system was good and should have been improved upon in 13. Same goes for the open world design.

Abriael2481d ago

what killed it for me are the charatcers. Especially Van and Ashe. They were supposed to be the strongest in the bunch since they are the protagonists, but they ended being the weakest link.

Also, no real romance? No. Thank you.

Tanir2480d ago

ff12 completely sucked, Vahn had no point in the game, ashe just took over the main character spot, tho she sucked too, only cool dude was Basch.

the fact that every character was the same except a different skin was horrid aswell, they dont have iconic weapons because of it and they lose even more character.

the open world was was meh actually.

gameplay sucked bad, it was ff11 offline, and gambits were just macros that lasted forever. with gambits you could literally put the game down for hours and it would play for you.

even tho ff13 wasnt good i enjoyed it tons more than 12. 12 is my most hated FF game.

not to mention ff12's character designs sucked

despair2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )


I actually remember back before it launched that the devs said that Vaan may have looked like the main character but it was always Ashe, and that was before it came out.

I agree with the combat, it became completely hands off about half way to 2/3 the way through. The license system was a poor version of the sphere grid as well.

gaden_malak2480d ago

There was nothing wrong with FF12. A much much better game than X ever was.

princejb1342480d ago

idk the characters the story the battle system just didn't work for me
i really tried to like it but it didn't work out for me

Kur02480d ago

X-2 is pretty underrated. It was a fun sequel for FFX fans.

ReservoirDog3162480d ago

Had Bathier been the "leading man" for the game, it would've been a decent game. Vaal was a lifeless main character. Couple that with a decent but mostly automatic (at least XIII let you press x every now and then) combat system and you get a game I tried several times to finish but never could.

And the voices sounded very bad. Like if it was recorded on a cheap microphone.

And the music wasn't memorable at all.

Marceles2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

I didn't enjoy FF12 too much either, felt like it was overrated by a lot of review sites. The only characters I liked were Basch, Balthier, and Fran. The other ones were putting me to sleep. The crazy thing is I still play FF12 lol...despite me not liking it as much as the others, I really want to beat Yiazmat.

I also think they were trying to over-complicate the story. It got to a point where I didn't even care what they had to say. And was pretty much FF11 if it was offline, but at the same time I enjoyed FF11 more than I did 12 because of the job classes.

FinalFantasyFanatic2480d ago

I never could understand why 12 got such high praise, I struggled to finish it because I couldn't care for the characters or plot of the game. For me it was the worst FF I've ever played.

On the upside the game did have a lot of content compared to 13 (still vastly prefer 13 over it though).

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naughtyngga2422480d ago

six years ago only game i use 2 play was nba 2k, nfl 2k, gran theft auto, god of war, true crime, need for speed, devil may cry, smash brothers, mario kart. i feel bad i missed out on soo many good games in playstation 2 days :( keep the hd collections coming sony and other devs.

Inception2480d ago

If Yasumi Matsuno not hospitalized (SE replaced him just because of that), maybe FF XII will have a better result...

despair2480d ago

I actually liked it a lot but it became auto combat when you set up your gambits correctly, I didn't have to do a single thing to any enemy except bosses as my characters just did all the work by 2/3 the way through.

C_Menz2480d ago

I liked FF 12, although it wasn't the best FF I have played it was still enjoyable. The gameplay was enjoyable, nice world and different locations, and the story was engaging enPugh to keep me occupied.

The extra mini bosses in the game(marks I think?) we're a nice addition. Some of them I remember being harder than any main boss in the game.

Overall looking back I would give the game a 7/10 only because in a rpg I expect the story to be top notch.

GupX19A2480d ago

I cringe when people talk like FFXII was amazing because all my FF friends agree it was SO bad. Absolutely everything about it.

Chadness2480d ago

Funny, the vast majority of people I know actually enjoyed FFXII more than most others. To each their own, I supposed.

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