Uncharted: Drake's Fortune concept art, part two

Three Speech has posted nine more concept images of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

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Cartesian3D3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

:) cant wait to see more info ...

EDIT : lol .. for a moment I thought it is Uncharted 2 concept art!!

anyway those are amazing..

remix3767d ago

there are literally 9 reviews on rachet that havent been calculated onto the metacritics yet.

does anybody know why?

hardcorehippiez3766d ago

and my guess is because they want to keep it under an aaa score at first i didnt think bias was happening but now it seems is has been and is. some will do anything to keep the ps3 down but it isnt gonna happen .


I would love to see they do it for MGS4, FFXIII or GOW3... I would love to see what would be their credibility after that.

demolitionX3766d ago

i expect same trend to follow with all big PS3 guns. There's so much hate for PS3 for no reason.

solidt123766d ago

Im on level 8. This is a great game. Nice art work also.