PC Gamers Get Late Release Date for Arkham City

WB Games recently revealed that November 18th is the magical date that Batman: Arkham City would finally drop on the PC. That's all well and good however, seeing that the game officially released on October 18th to Xbox 360 and PS3 users, one can hardly keep from feeling a little… miffed. What have PC gamers done to make you treat us this way, WB games? Why the cold shoulder? GoozerNation examines this issue.

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DwightOwen2574d ago

Whether one buys the game on a console or buys the game on PC, it's still one sale regardless. Hurry up and release the fucking game already!!!.

gamernova2574d ago

Isn't assassins creed delayed too?

limewax2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

yes but only by a month this time, in the past we had to wait about 6 months for them. To be honest the most insulting thing the AC games do to PC gamers is leave us with DirectX 9 for every game other than the original which was DirectX 10 (10.1 at the start but they patched that out)

that will always make no sense to me, but in all honesty I don't feel the delay helps prevent piracy. I am waiting to buy both those games on PC, why does a late release make a difference? Release it now and I will buy it and someone will upload it to a torrent site, release it a month later and the exact same process happens a month later.....where's the benefit?

TacoTaru2574d ago

Too bad. I was going to buy this game to hold me over until Skyrim. Now that it is being released after Skyrim I won't get it until maybe some special edition later next year. If the PC version doesn't sell very well it probably has something to do with the new release date.

Theo11302574d ago

They stated this a while back, the reason they delayed it was to give it the full treatment, like DX11 features like tessellation, better textures, physx, and other stuff. I'm happy to wait as long as they don't deliver a horrible port. And I got the game for 34 bucks.

Johnny_Cojones2574d ago

Green Man? If so, same here. I hate the delay, but it's worth it for a an experience that's far superior, visually.

buckley2574d ago

I bought a new video card just before Rage came out and it came with a free Steam code for the PC version of Arkham City. Waiting with bated breath for it to go active.

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The story is too old to be commented.