Can in-game ads aid level design?

According to Frank Sagnier, the European Managing Director of ad firm Double Fusion, advertising placed in game environments can help monitor what locations are popular, visited often, or ignored by players – with the resulting data not just showing how much revenue games generated by each ad but also aid designers' creation of in-game areas. In-game ad companies that have dynamic networks monitoring game sessions and activity within levels generate data that is proving invaluable to studios, added Sagnier.

"For masively multiplayer games and virtual worlds we have developers asking us to look into where players are going and what they see. We can track the ads to see that players are going to certain spots."

"It's difficult to know what environments work when you're designing a game in a vacuum, but when it comes to MMOs you can update the game based on player behaviour. Really, consumers can control the design of a game. Because we can track the data on what they are looking at and doing, we can help developers design their games better."

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jinn3889d ago

no in game ads period

Kururo3889d ago

actually jinn it depends on which game. like one of the podcasters on the n4g podcast said, in games likes gta where you are walking around the street, would you rather see an ad for pepsi or cola x. and this extra money could help with development costs and also marketing of the game.

Skerj3889d ago

Not when it's shameless it won't. Like when EA whored out NFS and I saw Gillete ads and the HUGE Cingular sign on the screen. Horrid!!

x440Magnumx3889d ago

They can't detract from the realism...they need to be like they are in real life... varied, and only put in places where they don't hurt the gameplay. In Rainbow 6 Vegas it was distracting that all the ads were for the same thing, and all the cars were Dodges.