CVG: Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles a 7.9/10 (Review from NGamer magazine)

There's no doubt in our minds that at some point in the recent past, Umbrella Chronicles was a very different game to the one that has finally emerged. Far from being some elaborate mystery for us to unravel, the evidence has been there from the start - early interviews with Capcom's team suggested Chronicles would be a game more like Resident Evil 4, while later interviews changed the script. After the brilliant Resi 4, it's a shame we never got that original concept, but it's hard to fault Umbrella Chronicles for what it's not, when what it is is so ridiculously fully-featured and complete.

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ChickeyCantor3959d ago

even if it was a 1/10
this game is promised to have a full length story gameplay of about 6 hours plus( or was it 20 hours) while a normal arcade lightgun is finished in less then 2 hours.

it tells the secret of the whole umbrella story, thats a reason enough to get it >=D

FelicityOldGamer3958d ago

And for me it´s 8,5/10

I loved the graphics, the story...