The game that pushed the PS3 pass the Wii (Video)

Gameplay Video of Dynasty Warrior 6 for the PS3 and X360

The PS3 has been riding on top of the Wii for the past 2 weeks in Japan, and this was with the release of Mario Galaxy and Mario Party. Some people are saying that is because there is a global Wii shortage, but there was a shortage all year long, wasn't there? So something must be cooking! The name is Shin Sengoku Musou 5, or Dynasty Warriors 6.

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MK_Red3956d ago

I kinda hate Dynasty Warriors (And other warriors) franchise but right now, Dynasty Warriors ROCKS! DW FTW!

DrWan3956d ago

the series alright, just a bit repetitive, i actually had fun playing DW Gundam, and i was yelling out stuff from the anime with my friends 'YAhhh!!! DIE DORMO!!". depends on how well u get into the groove lol

socomnick3956d ago

One of my cousins is absolutely obsessed with dw I dont understand why though. It seemed like a button smasher but he told me it was so much more.

MK_Red3956d ago

I also know many great gamers that love DW and are obsessed with it. For me, it's an ugly looking mindless button smasher with no redeeming feature but that's just me and as I said, many great gamers love it. I just don't understand. I feel all Koei games (Aside from Fatal Inertia) are the same. Sure, DW: Gundam has Gundam elements and Bladestorm has strategy but in the end, they all look the same with different characters and slight differences. Also, why Koei's next-gen games look so ugly? Bladestorm could easily be a PS2 game and Dynastry Warriors 5 Empires for 360 looked exactly like the PS2 version. DW6 and DW:Gundam are the only better looking games and even them look like original Xbox games IMO.

Still, DW helped PS3 to pass Wii and that is enough for me to praise it even though I'll never buy or rent it.

Charlie26883956d ago

@MK_Red: Have you tried Capcoms answer to DW, Devil Kings? I actually liked it compared to Dynasty Warriors due to the extreme bizarreness of the characters and the obvious anime influence

MK_Red3956d ago

I have it and like more than all DW games combined. It's actually a fun game and looks rather cool.
Another game that I love in this genre is N3. The game looked really good and was much better than other Koei games on 360. IMO, N3 looked better than the upcoming DW6 graphically! Koei really needs to work on graphics of their games.

Gamespot-equals-EGM3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

I think what a lot of people are missing here (and not mentioned in the article i think) is that Sony made a white 40gb ps3 bundle with DW6.

So the combination of white ps3 + cheaper sku + DW6 = skyrocket in sales.

BTW, the bundle is pretty sweet. Check the link.

babyhand3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

If you look at the button layout in the beginning of the videos there BOTH the PS3. WTF
Am i the only one that noticed this!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is no video of the 360 on there. The 360 does not have a Square button.
22.1 apparently when i click on the 360 version after the ps3 version its streaming the ps3 video again???!!?!? I had to clear my cache and click the 360 version first.

barom3955d ago

I love the DW series. though I only bought 2 and 3. Obviously not much has changed. Bought the 3rd one for the two player.

I thought I might be getting this one, seemed almost like it was suppose to be a huge step forward. With the exeption of graphics I don't see much has changed.

And honestly I don't understand why I luv it myself. Maybe it's the idea of going against thousands of people (yes HS sounds really cool to me) or that I used to love wuxia tv-shows/movies.

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Mr_Kuwabara3956d ago

I had the second one a while back when the PS2 didn't really have good games at start. It was... different.

MrPink3956d ago

Loadtime ps3 24
Loadtime 360 37

Just an observation guys

V_Ben3956d ago

commence flaming in 3,2,1...

nirwanda3956d ago

only joking man I grow up with a spectrum now that is waiting

I'll not be getting this game anyway same repetitive [email protected] load times only really matter when it involves data streaming

Real gamer 4 life3956d ago

LOL if this game pushed the ps3 pass the wii in japan, then man imagine what games like mgs4 FF13 and versus will do.

MK_Red3956d ago

Agreed. If DW6 can push PS3 in presense of Wii's Mario Galaxy, then MGS4, FFXIII, GT5, DMC4 and others will hopefully slaughter Wii in Japan.

titntin3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

Much as I appreciate the draw Dynasty Warriors has in that region, to suggest that's the only reason for the sales increase is utter stupidity!!

There's the small matter of a new skew, in white, at a lower cost, and with shock controllers too. I think that might have something to do with the figures as well.... :)

DrWan3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

but if u look at Kotaku's sales number, it makes sense dont you think? It sold more than Mario

titntin3956d ago

I'm not saying it didn't help to shift units - plainly it did.

I AM suggesting that it wasn't solely responsable for shifting units - if that was the only thing shifting PS3's then you could have expected to see an upsurge for the 360 too, like when Ace Combat was released. It was released on 360 same day, but you didn't see many japs buying that machine to play it on!
The reason, is because many people in japan wanted the new lower priced PS3 skew to mark its anniversary, and what better way to play your new console than with the latest DW game. If loads of people are going buyt a new machines sku, then they will obviously buy the popular game thats released on the same day. I think that DW got extra sales because people were buying the hardware, as well as the other way round!

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