The Next Rainbow Six series leaked out!

The long awaited game Rainbow Six has been leaked out its next series by Ubisoft.

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The Meerkat2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Great News

A shooter that won't be populated by Ritalin and Sunny D infused kids.

Dovahkiin2217d ago

Great news indeed. I hope they make the character customization better than it already is on Vegas 2. Great series, let's hope it's not compared to other FPS games closer to release.

BeOneWithTheGun2217d ago

Finally! It a sea of bland FPS I have always loved the RS series. Man, the hours I spent on Cafe, Airport and Calypso Casino...

Very excited for it.

Yomaster2216d ago

...the hours spent on Garage, Carnival, and Training? :-D

irepbtown2216d ago

Cant wait, my first encounter with this game was Rainbow six 3 on PS2, beasty game. Loved it, then I bought every game after it.

hassi942216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Brilliant news, yes. I absolutely loved the Rainbow Six Vegas series (too young to have played the rest personally) so I can't wait for the new series! I hope if anything it becomes a bit more tactical!

Crazyglues2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Finally, I thought this was going to be announced at E3 but when that came and went I was worried this game was not coming back..

-and it was such a really good game... so I personally Can't wait to see this, as I was a huge fan of RainbowSix Vegas which I played on Xbox 360 and then Vegas 2 On PS3... -had a lot of fun on that game.

-But with games like BF3 looking so amazing Ubisoft is going to have to really step there game up.. in-order to be amazing in 2012 which is when this will probably come out..


IcarusOne2216d ago

Not everything is about graphics. RS was never a particularly beautiful game, it was how it played that was awesome.

Crazyglues2216d ago

@ IcarusOne

oh yes I agree, I was just saying I hope they really step of the graphics because todays gamers don't look like they will give it a chance if the graphics are not amazing..

snipes1012216d ago

Thank god. This is one of the few games I like to play online because of the more mature crowd it attracts. It has its share of immature morons, to be sure, but at least the online section isnt inundated with them.

blacktiger2216d ago

that is the like the best post I ever heard in times.
Sunny D infused kids! lol :P!

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iamnsuperman2217d ago

I thought they all ready annonced at Rainbowsix game in the works. At least we know the possible name

ZombieNinjaPanda2217d ago

Wasn't there a teaser trailer at E3 this year? I remember there being something about being on a bridge going into New York. But I cannot find the trailer for the life of me.

Ezio20482217d ago ShowReplies(1)
Shield2217d ago

I've been waiting and looking forward to this for a long time. Awesome!

redDevil872217d ago

I like the series, it feels satisfyting to get a kill. Feels like you earned it.

IrishAssa2217d ago

One thing I really loved in Vegas was the Hit I miss that game

DA_SHREDDER2217d ago

hahaha, that was one of the problems with the game. Shooting your gun and watching it not hit the wall until 10 seconds later. Was awesome!

FanboyPunisher2217d ago

You actually like Lockdown, and Vegas games.

They were the WORST rainbow six games made, How about Rainbow Six 3!?

Far better, shit was intense and so tactical.

Yomaster2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

I wouldn't say that the Vegas games were bad, but I will agree that Lockdown (also referred to as Letdown, or Lockup, due to the freezing issues) was weak. The Vegas games were a different breed, and I preferred R6:3 by leaps and bounds. Rainbow Six 3 was tactical to the point where it was unforgiving, and it actually meant something when you were a badass at that game.

A friend of mine met on XBL back in 2002, we still play online all the time. Dude is like my brother now. XD But he and I alone would take on a team of 8 in R6:3......and WIN. We were fucking sick! XD

The only games for me that come close to the multiplayer intensity of Rainbow Six 3 is the Battlefield series.

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